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Kusasira wealth shocks fellow artists


Kusasira wealth shocks fellow artists

Kusasira's Wealth Shock Fellow Musicians

In the book ‘Animal farm’, there are some animals which are more equal than others.

Rafiki was in a kafunda recently with some artistes, when Kusasira passed by, and the whole topic turned from music to Kusasira  ever her bulging wealth.

Apparently, she has just completed her apartments in Nansana, her house is also now completed in the same area and besides that she has bought up the neighbors and also put up six rentals units which she lest out 300k per months

Mbu she has houses along Entebbe road also, her supermarket is also doing well this coupled with her other businesses that include a wholesale shop, and  two garment shops in town and in Mengo.

She also has other investments like an events management company and several plots of land scattered across Kampala’s suburbs and her rural area.

Rafiki zeroes this to blessing from the almighty although these artistes have their funny theories, sijui she……………



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