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Most men are averse to bathing; might be genetic


Most men are averse to bathing; might be genetic

Most men are averse to bathing

Most men are averse to bathing

I have a big problem with my husband. He showers maybe once a week and doesn’t brush his really bad teeth but maybe every 3-4 days. I have told him many times how disgusted I am with it.

He just laughs and more less get over it. He makes fun of my complaints. One time he said that he is not a fish to start bathing all the time.  Please advise me on what to do.

In everyday life we meet women going through similar ordeal like the one above. She ought to understand that she is not alone.  Some men have that genetic fear for water and actually bathing. Something warns them against bathing and if they defied the instruction may be they would die.  All you have got to do as a woman is to enjoy that foul smell and live longer in your marriage.

My people have a saying: If you cannot avoid a rape better lie down and enjoy it. But let’s stop joking about serious issue. What on earth should stop someone from taking a bath? Ladies let us not take it easy. Grab the idiot to the bathe room and have him bathe. Invite me if he resists.  Is he competing for the anti-bathing prize?  Why should he make life hard for you?

Let’s face it, not everyone likes to take a bath especially when they are required to shower twice a day.  This behavior makes me feel ill to my stomach.  I can understand that some people don’t take their showers because they don’t have access to  water, but how about those who have 24 hours access to running water seven days a week, and yet refuse to take their showers?

I can’t believe men are naturally dirty.  Men are dirtier than most women because they are usually larger and hairier.  Hair holds sweat, grease and dirt and you can imagine what the other hair is holding on to.

On top of that, the only time men consider taking baths is when they are too sore to shower, and that’s most likely after sports or manual labor; when they are at their dirtiest. Ten minutes of sitting in that cauldron and the water is green. It’s disgusting.

It has also been found that most men who hate bathing are the drunkards. May be it’s because they have taken enough liquid inside them and they are not ready to come closer to any other liquid. But am sure if showers splash out liquor they will all run to the shower rooms. For the ladies to married such men try replacing water in the bath tab with vodka, the chaps will all take the baths.



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