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True duty to a neighbour

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True duty to a neighbour

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A good turn deserves another, at least in the African setting, acting and being good to a neighbour is almost always rewarding although I have also found that sometimes you can draw quite embarrassing experiences from such friendships.

Times have been when I have been piqued by the behaviour of people to whom I will have done a good turn although this has not served to deflect my mindset about being a good samaritan. Men are men and they will always be just that. Come to think about it. Females are not far down the road in the same classification.

I happen to stay in a swanky neighbourhood in Kisugu where also lives Nancy Quick, my immediate neighbour. Now Nancy is a legal brain answering to a glamorous figure of over six feet, an eye catching face, well developed legs and she is also a big dresser something I take to go with her profession. She drives blue wheels called Nissan Patrol and she is a fast driver.

I have once in a while exchanged greetings with her as both of us take walks in our open compounds and one time she called me over for a drink in the cool evening where we sat under a tree canopy one of which grace her compound. She was picking my brains about my workplace, experience and obviously my looks.

As the evening drew on, both of us discovered that except for what lies between our four legs, we had a few common likes and dislikes like reading thrillers, watching movies and spending quality time at the beach. That evening, I left her compound with a promise that one lucky day the two of us would go to the beach and eat this infamous fresh fried tilapia and chips while watching the waters and the other revellers.

But before this was to happen, one Sunday, Nancy, who lives alone with an arrangement for a house help to come in and do the cleaning every Saturday, called me on my mobile to get to her place to help her with her laptop which she said had developed a hitch while she was in the middle of doing some important work.

By the time she called, I had been watching a Swazneger war movie which I opted to postpone for later. It was a hot afternoon and when I announced my presence at Nancy’s residence, she called back to say I should come right in and close the door. Hers is a self contained four bedroom house like mine.

I did as told only to be further told that she was working in the bedroom and I should feel free to go over. Reaching there, I was stunned to see what I found there. Nancy was in a bra-less outfit which clung to her body like a leech. It had a cleavage I had not seen at so close a range this side of creation and by jove, the damn woman was the owner of an entrancing pair of unmolested boobs. I say unmolested because they appeared not to have ever nursed a kid and thus, they had not yet bowed down to the laws of gravity.

Nancy invited me to where she was seating at a table and me, leaning over to establish what the hell was wrong with her laptop, I was the victim of a free gaze into her cleavage. I touch touched the buttons of the computer only to find that the damn lady had been watching a blue movie and she was panting as she tried to explain to me what she didn’t know had gone wrong with the functioning of her computer. Damn females! This woman’s cleavage was electrocuting me and I could feel my body reacting to the electricity.

Of course the woman also noticed my condition in the fifteen or so minutes I was fidgeting with the laptop only to find out that she had touched a certain button rendering the machine disyfunctional.  I rectified the situation but by then, on a couple of occasions or so, this creature had caught me red-handed looking down her cleavage.

Obviously she knew what impression her state of dress would do to me because she looked into my face and smiled at me the second time she caught me glaring into the cleavage instead of looking where my hands were. Actually, my attention had been withdrawn from what I was supposed to be doing which is why she so got me.

Being a lawyer, and therefore a bold person, she took a soft hold of my fly which she found distended courtesy of my little friend there pulsating with arousal and very much in need of a release. “Oh Sam,” she cooed at me, “I am really sorry if my dressing is putting you at discomfort but we can do something about it.”

She got up from her seat and moving to her bed, she made to lean over as if looking for something under the bed. Mother of my penis!

The damn woman had on display such glistening succulent legs and thighland I had never thought existed of a Munna U. What’s more, the damn woman’s dress was a see through and you could freely observe that she was pant-less and yes, as she leaned over, she made as if she wanted me to notice this because she had her legs parted and true as truth has ever been, the woman’s cunt was smiling at me as it oozed a slight flow of love juices. I nearly fainted at the spectacle.

When she stood up, Nancy excused herself and went to the bathroom and shortly after, came back with a sexual scent around her obviously having liberally sprayed this shouting perfume on herself. She was smiling as she executed a sexually shouting catwalk to the accompaniment of a love song playing on her stereo.

Now a bold challenge deserves a bold response. Me, I was not her brother to be so teased. What I did was to jump her and start mauling her face and lips in a frenzy to which she reacted as if she was surprised at what I was doing to her.

She moaned buckets of ebyobusiru, her body squirmming and vibrating in actions of okwekulukuunya, rub rubbing her hot body all over me. In a hurry, she unbuttoned my shirt, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my fly and then boldly dipped her hot hand into my boxer shorts giving new life to my then engorged penile friend who reacted like a hungry dog now aware that its master was about to give him the piece of bone he is holding in his hand.

In a flash, I jumped out of my clothing as Nancy, her eyes now closed, mewed sexual nothings. I helped her out of her dress which she had unzipped at the back and practically threw her down on the bed.
There was no plan of action for what happened next but I was intent on sexually mauling this daughter of a bitch to sexual heights she may have never reached. I ate her body from the face downwards as the woman panted and developed a sprinkling of a tasty sweat which I licked away in glee. Reaching her nether regions, I mounted Nancy’s kabunidde in a frenzy of a licking, the woman’s body shuddered into a fit of orgasms especially when I started feasting on her clit wealth.

While engaged there, I realised that this specimen of a creation was the owner of fat clit which, in erection, was a pulsating specimen almost as big as a kid’s little finger. The woman, a Mutooro, I was later to learn, also had such fleshy flaps of labia minoras I gleefully fed on them as she shrieked in sheer ecstacy.

I was determined to give this a woman a show of utter sexual excitement and, when I hit base and started a pumping session inside her hot fat pussyland, I also elicited a thrall of a gymnastic dance in her insides while exciting all the love buttons I know which drive a woman crazy and she screams in sweet pain as you ride her into orgasm after orgasm.
Before I was done with her, an hour and a half later, I had cunnilingused Nancy, done a kacapizo on her and fed her on a pumping a combination of which drove her into sexual madness no wonder as we took a break, she uttered this ‘Weebale nnyo ssebo’ three times and told me I had to do a night’s duty at her place giving her enyongeza. Since then, the woman became pecker crazy and actually that initial night, I ate this woman ekyeggulo, ekye’kiro and ekyokumakya. Talk about eating a woman in legal juggles!

(As related to us by Ronald)



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