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New Chapter Africa has something new

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New Chapter Africa has something new

NCA brings a new music belief

Abryns must now be wondering about the new trend of fashion that the NCA trio breakthrough Gospel artistes’ exhibit in their photos, stage performance and interviews. The New Chapter Africa (NCA) has now set a new trend of fashion aside from music.

The New Chapter Africa is a Gospel boys’ group made up of song birds; Edwin Lutaaya, Robinson Jomo and Antonio Amooti. They started music when they were still in church, that’s where their music talent started shining out to the music industry.

Popularly known for their songs like: Bingi, Nzitowa, Nabibuuse, Maama, among others, NCA has decided to bring something new to the music industry as an addition for them being Gospel musicians. Speaking to The Sunrise, they revealed that music is not all about recording and releasing good music but, music also goes deep to fashion and style.” We appreciate Ugandans fashionistas but we buy our clothes from Germistone in Johannesburg, South Africa,” they said.

“Fashion has played a very important role to our fame,” they chorused. And they believe that being fashionable is something that, at least, every musician should adopt because it is what most of the fans look at before judging music.

Aside from appreciating their music, NCA, is a kind that you cannot miss out when talking about fashion especially in the music industry. Their fashionable clothes have been seen everywhere on social media and various red carpet events; and they always opt to bring something new at every appearance.

Amooti said that they were dressed by Abryns, in their Bingi video; and they appreciated him because they received positive reactions from the people who viewed the video. Then, they decide to bring something new and unique to add to their good music.

NCA believes that being good fashionistas has done a great job to their rise in fame, because many people now look up to them for the fashion trends. And many Ugandan musicians, presenters, fashion designers all know them because of their music. And for that, they believe that fashion has been a very good complement to their music career.




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