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‘Silence is killing me’


‘Silence is killing me’

Silence is killing me

Silence is killing me

I discovered that people in the world today are facing a lot. We go through a lot of pain, not to pay their workers. A few workers complain. You will lose that job if you stand to say what you feel.

You will suffer but still, because you fear to say, you will continue to surround yourself with this fence called silence. A few men, and women, in this world are bold enough to say what they feel. But the bold world has always spoken.

If you are inUnited States and you were convinced that your country was created to lead and to be the policeman of the world, you will look keenly at your oil reserves. They should not get empty. As the black gold decreases, in amount, you provoke a Iraq or a Libya and you throw bombs on it. You destroy the great cities there. The wise of course know what you will scamper away with.

Time has come,and people want money. The world now accepts that money is not the only source of evil. You need money.

Electricity, used in the house of worship, is paid for. Ushers must also be appreciated. These too have children to send to school, andboy friends to please.

It is so hard today for a pastor notto be willing to directly, or indirectly, ask for money. If someone is suspected of wanting to use guns against someone, let Nalufenya be his home now.

As I cross the bridge into Busoga, I want to walk free. Franceshocked the world and sent a very young and social man, into the magnificent chair there. His name is Emmanuel Macron.

America said it loudly, and the world heard that experienced politicians may not always be the solutions to today’s world problems. They gave a talkative man power. Donald Trumpwill do what he can, but he will talk more than he does, throughout his presidency. Lies can work for anyone. Especially if you have, for long and seriously, studied the men and women you surrounded yourself with. Eight years in America.

Trump knew that the people in the US hated Moslems. He knew that people there were very afraid of terrorists. He entered into the hearts and the mind of the racist in America. Time came, after he had prepared and waited for long, and had gathered his lies. He spoke. He spoke exactly what the people there wanted to hear.

Even if they don’t hand power to him after the first four years, the people who will live after his presidency will loudly say it that he was once a president in the most powerful nation on earth. He lied to them, again and again, until theyaccepted what he said.

You need to go, up, now. Youmust do whatever you can to lift yourself to feared places. Silence was killing me. I had to say these things. I look into tabloids here,and I see nothing there. We have seen thighs of slender women in newspapers here. They have taughtus how to play sex. Their cameras are so powerful and we indeed can see whatever happens across this impoverished country. These papers tell us how to use our money, but a few of them come out to tell us how a man or a woman can begin with nothing.

Silence was killing me. Is this bible that pastor Bugingoburns, really genuine? And pastors, who have led followers for over thirty years, have come out to support its existence.We need some men and women who can stand and say some truths to the listening world. I knew the dangers of alcohol, and we dropped the bottle.

A young man who had gathered money, and had grown famous, loved spirits so much and when he died, a cathedral welcomed his body. That one, with money, can not be abandoned.

Good bye my real friend Ivan Semwanga. You had waited eagerly for me to let all the people know more about your generous heart and the money you possessed.Unfortunately I kept myself busy solving the problems of the common man you have left here, in our country. I didn’t write any line concerning you during your stay on earth.

We prayed and then Namirembe Cathedral did its part and prayed for your soul. You will be dearly missed by both the big spenders and men who love money and the common man, who admires the great.

I will miss you. I have stayed behind, and this pen I am, tightly, holding. I am pricked by the sharp thorns and those, that are listening, all want to be pleased.

No one wants to hear us telling people that some people can over stay in power. Besigye quarrels whenever he hears me telling him that he too is selfish. People refuse to do what we tell them to do. They want massive success




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