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5 reasons why Cream Production collapsed


5 reasons why Cream Production collapsed

Reasons why Cream Production collapsed

Reasons why Cream Production collapsed

To many, and that Hajj Harunah had already sold all his stakes to Hon. Haruna Kasolo was not a surprise.

But now Rafiki has learnt that Hajj is no longer a director in his own company but just a worker,  mbu he sold all his rights for 80 million shillings, then he was given a contract for 5 years whereby he will be required to sing for Cream Events and in weddings but never in any group. Below are 5 reasons why Cream Production suffocated to death


There are allegations that Hajj had the Kofi Olomidde syndrome of short temperament which would sometimes make him get physical with his workers by beating up some of them including his own sister who has been a member of the group.


It is alleged that Hajj was a dictator of sorts and that he could not stomach any other alternative idea other than his. This caused resentment among workers.

Suffocating talent:  

It is a known norm in musical circles that in every concert the revelers always wait for the big shot who is supposed to come out towards the end of the show. Young musicians are supposed to use the first part of the show to show case their talents but that this was not the case at Cream Production: That Hajj always came on stage as early as 10.00pm and that after his appearance all revelers would leave, leaving upcoming artistes to sing for a very thin audience.

The group worked when and how he wanted :

Hajj had this habit of always going abroad where he had juicy contracts. During these trips he always left behind a yawning group both angry and hungry, this is because whenever he was abroad he would lock up all the equipment of the band and fly away meaning that members would not be able to perform or even rehearse.


This was a common phenomenon at Cream Production. Hajj is a very strict Muslim, but he failed to control witchcraft wars in his group, he was always in cases where members were accusing others of bewitching them. There was this notorious lady singer (lets call her MB) who would openly warn others that they will never have a hit song as long as she was still around.


As is always the case, this was the last nail in the coffin. Rumour has it that many upcoming artistes especially girls  faced sexual exploitation from senior male members of the band, this caused a lot of  laxity among the upcoming female artistes who were doing less work but had to earn yet the seniors had no moral authority to enforce discipline in the group.

And thus we saw the end of this very young group.



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