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‘This politics must continue’

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‘This politics must continue’

This politics must continue

This politics must continue

I was not like this. A lot of people who, poor like I was, could rise himself to fame, and this honour that most writers die trying, very hard, to find. This seat I am in here is near to those occupied by hugely successful men and women in this world. These people are feared.

Today it must be so rare for this magnificent author to write about anyone whose story might not add any brick to the massive skyscraper that we are today building. Our country. We looked for men for so many years. They ignored us. During the lean years, it is always as if you against the whole world.

Poverty hammered us. You accepted to take a seat in the temple perhaps because someone gave you convincing reasons why you were missing the great wisdom here. I have beaten fear so much and now, I believe, it cannot thump those that I began walking ahead with. You are also going to change. Fear can no longer stand in our way. We are moving on.

How has this politics, played here, helped me do things that some thinkers and writers think are impossible? When leaders refused to mastermind the maintenance of the road linking our forgotten area to the paved road, so that we could travel easily, we then began to devise the means we could use to get there.

So if in Africa, leaders are bad, let them continue. This has made many revolutionaries. I do not give my time to irrelevant history but if it is true, bad rulers here forced the likes of Yoweri Museveni to develop hearts that enabled them fight the fear down in them and the result was picking up tools to go to war to liberate someone. They fought wars that begot peace you enjoy.

Not so may years ago Tanzania, a huge country, was there quiet and sleeping. Influential writers like me rarely wrote about Tanzania.

See, as if God had spoken to them, they elected a man. He sounded so good in the beginning. Slowly, but surely, he is becoming an authoritarian. He jails musicians and serious opponents are also about to board any prison bus around, in Tanzania, to get into jail.

We need a lot of John Magufuli in Africa here and, we shall develop. When people starved so much, here, the president came out and spoke the sour truth. He said food given to the villagers there, will make us lazy.

Help the urchin knowing that the street might be his home forever. It is so possible to beg for alms throughout your life. What are you today doing? Watch out. Something must drive you to the wall. Then you will fight hard, to save your life.

These people here, who misuse public money, have enabled us to know perhaps that we do not survive because such money is there. We then think and work with our hands. And deliver the message to the suffering souls. This wisdom must be supported all the time because, we all need it.

Love the Sunrise. See to it that this written word reaches the man down there, who grows maize but then eats it before it dries to be turned into food.

The country starves. The automobile the official is being driven in cannot enable him remember the hard life he faced a lot of years ago. Poverty is easily forgotten when money comes.

More illegal schools are going to be erected. You are man enough. Continue going against them. After this term in office, you will be shown the opposite of the door that brought you in. This kind of politics should continue.

Before you license them, they are going to first make money. Whether you like it, or not. Cars will be bought. And gated homes will be slept in by the once poor directors. Politics.

Look into the places of worship. Pastors are hitting heavy weighted shots into the nets of their fellow pastors. That is all politics. But now, when they all came out to fight him, he gathered courage and fought day and night and fasted, asking God to help him.

Bugingo found himself acquiring wisdom that enabled him defeat Sudhir and he bought an expansive piece of land, which they all later accepted to continue calling Canaan land. An important name in Christianity. He attracts thousands of followers every day. It was church politics that made Bugingo refuse to give up, so that he could go back to the village.

Kizza Besigye, continue refusing to leave this president alone, you are going to make him achieve his goal, of ruling our country for all the years he needs. We are not dead. We shall write about that. Such politics must continue because I also want to wake up one day with my pen to say that so and so led the East African country for fifty years.

Make research, and you will discover that the revenue authority fails to collect some tax here. It is because of the politics, played around here. And, because of that, some Ugandans have escaped poverty. This politics must continue. We don’t lose. Continue your things Lukwago.




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