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Lweje gets married to Moses in London


Lweje gets married to Moses in London

Moses, a cab driver. But that day she was surprised by her Dad when he visited her in London with Khassim, the son of Sheikh Badru whom they wanted her, (Lweje) to marry. Let’s continue:

“Hajji Ashraf, when I saw Dad with Khassim, for the first time since I had experienced these divorce problems, I got annoyed with him (my Dad). I gave him a hug with a plastic smile which he realized and he said to me that I looked unhappy. This made me change my mood, immediately for I remembered his love, and how he was always there for me. I knew he wished the best for me. I hugged him again, which ended in tears.

“I hugged Khassim, too, and pretended to be happy for him. Khassim tried to hold my hand intimately, but I pulled it away before Moses could see. Now, I knew in my mind that the mission of Dad coming with Khassim, without informing me, was to seduce me to marry him. But I didn’t have feelings for him. I took him as my brother; we grew up together, and besides I was now in love with Moses.

“Meanwhile, Moses was already parking their bags into the car boot. When it came to sitting in the car, I avoided Khassim. Dad was planning that I sit with Khassim at the back; I sat at the back with him (Dad). Khassim sat in front with Moses, the driver.

“It is an hour’s drive without to reach where my home was. I never wanted to disturb Moses’ mind. These people could have disturbed our peace, so I decided to stop their project in the car.

“I introduced Dad to Moses who said, salaam, to him; and in Luganda Moses greeted dad: ]Eradde….etc,’. I introduced Khassim to Moses, as my brother, who had been in Japan. I then introduced Moses to Dad and Khassim as my husband-to-be.

“I told Dad in fact that, it would be better if our nikha was done in UK since he was available; and Khassim the, muko was there, too.

“I saw Moses driving with confidence and a bit more secure. He was not secure with Khassim before. Dad pretended to be very tired and faked sleep. Khassim did not sit properly in his seat. We kept quiet for the rest of the journey, but in my mind I was a happy girl. We enjoyed the journey with my Moses.”

At this point, Lweje was again enjoying telling her story; she was smiling.

“We reached home and I showed Dad his room which I had prepared well. While Dad was bathing, Moses was keeping Khassim, who looked disappointed, busy with London stories. I met them in the living room and thanked Moses for keeping my brother occupied. I gave him (Moses) a ten-second kiss that made Khassim lose all hope, altogether.”

Here, Lweje laughed.

“I showed Khassim his room and I started laying the dinning table with Moses, who was in a very good mood. It is Moses who invited them to the dining table. The food was real good, but I cud see it was not going well with Dad and Khassim. I felt a bit sorry for my Dad, but I was happy with my actions. I avoided one-on-one discussion with Dad.

“They had arrived in the morning, and being a Sunday, we stayed home. Moses used to work on Sundays, but I requested him not to. Dad was to stay for three weeks but he changed his mind and wanted to change his ticket to two weeks. For Khassim a day was enough; he wanted to visit a friend in London whom he had no address, and when he phone, nobody picked it.

“Dad was forced to accept Moses, because he saw me happy with him, having seen me sad when I left Uganda. Incidentally, as you know Muslim families, Daddy knew Moses’ father very well. I made sure my nikha (okuwoowa) is done in London before my father returned to Kampala.

“I was tired of haram (adultery). I organized with some Ugandan sheikh, who was staying in London; bambi, he was murdered here, in Kampala. Allha have mercy on him.

“This sheikh took us to the mosque where a Pakistan sheikh conducted our nikha. I wanted the marriage certificate to process citizens’ papers for Moses, which he didn’t have, and I had. After the nikha, Khassim started to like me for my openness.

“They went back to Kampala, but after Daddy telling me at the airport that, ‘Ssimanyi kyengenda kugamba mukulu munange.’(I don’t know what I will tell Sheikh Badru).

“Hajji Ashraf, I laughed all the way home. Moses just wondered why I was laughing.


“I finished my Master’s Degree; and I wanted children. Hajji Ashraf, I had saved a lot of money in my account; I was not enjoying life in a foreign land. I talked to my husband, Moses; that we return to Uganda, that I would start a nursing home and he starts a touring company.

“He welcomed the idea because when we budgeted, all the money was available. I was to use one of my houses as a nursing home. We had already processed Moses’ citizen’s papers; that if things don’t work, out we return to UK.

“I also wanted my children to be Ugandans, so we agreed to throw away the “polythene bags”, as soon as we reached Uganda.

“We packed and returned to Uganda. A small function was held to welcome me from my Masters’ Degree programme. Dad never wanted to talk about my relationship with Moses, because the rumour had circulated that I was divorced. Remember, it was now going to four years since Dr. Yahya divorced me.

“It was Twho introduced Moses; and I saw Dad getting embarrassed, but my Moses was happy. All the function was under the control of Sheikh Badru.

“We lived in one of my houses, and we were a happy man and wife. It was hijja time, and Dad was going for his fifth. There was no way I cud thank Allha apart from fulfilling the fifth Islamic pillar. I talked to my husband that we go to Makka together. He was in the initial stages of starting his touring company, so he never wanted a break. We agreed that I go with my Dad – hat In Sha Allha, he would be going the following year.

“Hajji Ashraf, at the airport before we boarded, when in the car, Moses gave me a kiss of my life before I broke the news to him that I was pregnant. He was so happy for me that he led me to the departure lounge. To my surprise, again, my first husband, the teacher, was going to Makka, too.

“When in Madina and Makka, Moses called me twice every day; we were to spend there 21days. On the 13th day he never called me, I called him the following day; and he made his phone busy. On the 15th day, the phone went off. I decided to concentrate on my hijja and stopped calling him.

“On the 20th day, we had gone through all the process of hijja, just waiting to return home. I had bought the best gold watch, a kanzu and the best perfume for my husband.

“I received a call from a London number. Picking the call, it was Moses. He said; ‘It is me Moses, wait for the message’, he hung up.

“I got shocked, his SMS went; “Madam I didn’t know that you are such a crook. I better be back to my cab. I request we end it there. Thanks’.

“My Allha, Moses had left me, too, and he was ready back to UK. I blacked out.


Thanks for reading. Remember this is a true story. Asalaam, alaikum.




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Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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