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Seeka’s wife unexpectedly welcomes Baby Toi

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Seeka’s wife unexpectedly welcomes Baby Toi

In this second part of Janat a.k.a Baby Toi’s story; Abaasi narrates her love intentions for Seeka, Rahma.

“I left home very early because Seeka used to come to see me before going for work. I didn’t want him to find me home. I was in a hurry to finish my mission.

“I reached my co-wife’s home at around 10.30am. When I reached the gate, at first I feared to knock thinking of the consequences. But I gained courage and knocked. A woman’s voice from inside enquired who I was. I answered ‘Nzeee’. She came and opened for me. She was in her 30s, light-skinned, with long hair, and she was wearing a blue Sharia dress; she looked really beautiful.

“She looked at me from head to toe, and from her facial expressions you could see that she was looking at a stranger. She however welcomed me nicely and took me inside the house. The living room was o very nice and cool. Everything was arranged well. But there was no sign of children, not even a picture.

“A big picture of my Seeka, and this woman on their wedding day, was on top of the side board. I felt jealous and started sweating. Before I could settle down, the woman came with a glass of water as she continued to welcome me into her home. She asked me whether I wanted a cup of tea, but I rejected it because I had started to fear her. We kept silent for sometime, and I wanted to say goodbye but then my mission would have aborted.

“It was her who broke the silence. She asked, ‘Mukwan, nga ssikutegede’?

“That was the question of the day. Before I could answer, tears were rolling down my eyes. When she saw me crying, she came and sat near me humbly pulled my head to her lap and asked me to calm down. She was so good to me that I hesitated to break the news that had brought me to her home. However, this action gave me courage to break the news.

“Still lying on her lap, l said. ‘Mukwano ononsonyiwa, naye luno olubuto lwa Seeka’. (‘You will forgive me love, but I’m carrying Seeka’s baby). I know you are married. I have come to ask you to allow him just one day to sleep at mine, please’.

“We kept silent for almost five minutes. I was ready for anything to happen. To my surprise, the lady started caressing my stomach gently as we sat; and when I looked in her eyes, she was crying, too.

“I knelt down and said sorry to her that I didn’t know. She raised me up and sat me in the sofa. She said to me that they had been married for six years now, but they have no child; that if Allah has decided to give them one through me, ‘Allihamudulilah’. I became relieved. She picked a mat and started praying (Sunna). She was obviously a devoted Moslem.

“After her prayers, she gained more strength. She came to me and introduced herself as Rahma, the wife to Seeka. She requested me to stay for the night so that we would talk to Seeka together. This was the most difficult situation.  I wasn’t ready for it, but she gave me her word. She even wanted me to legalize our marriage (batuwowe), to avoid a bastard.

“We ate lunch together, stayed in a joyful mood the whole day, while waiting for our husband. He must have gone to my place first, as usual. He arrived a bit late around 11.00pm.


Do not miss the third part of Baby Toi’s story, next week. It is s real thriller! Allah, be with you.



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