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Music is my Nature, my Passion, and my Identity


Music is my Nature, my Passion, and my Identity

Frank Damian Kimuli (a.k.a), is one of the few talented young reggae rapper artists, Uganda expect to yield from in the business of transforming Ugandan music. He uses Patois (Jamaican English), Luganda and English. Sunrise reporter, Stephen Kalema talked to him concerning his music:

Musician Damian Kimuli

Musician Damian Kimuli

Question: Who are you?

Answer: I am Frank Damian Kimuli, 22 years, born to David Kigozi and the late Passy Ssendawula. I am the fourth in a family of eight children. And, lastly I am a student of Journalism at Buganda Royal Institute.

Qn: What is your Stage name?

Ans: Damian 256 Degenero.

Qn: Why Damian 256? What is the meaning of this name and why did you chose to use it

Ans: Damian is the name my parents gave me; 256, is my country’s Code showing my routes and my origin.

Qn: Which educational institutions did you attend since your childhood?

Ans: I joined Primary school at Wabulenzi Parents and I finished at St Mary’s Nabbingo Secondary, St Augustine and Kinawa High School; from there, I joined Buganda Royal Institute.

Qn: Describe the real life situation that inspired you to join music?

Ans: Music is in me, but the life situation that really woke me up is that when I was at school I saw talented students being given more respect in the school than the less talented. Musicians like the AK47 and others took all tha palauds when it came to respect and so this really inspired me.

Qn: What music do you do that strictly identifies you in this industry?

Ans: Versatile (doing more than one style) that’s Dance Hall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Afro music and RnB, but basically my identity is Dance Hall and Reggae

Qn: Why do you sing more than one style, what is your research?

Ans : My research shows that different audience consume different type of music so, I try to cover more than one or two styles,  in order to reach my audience smartly and loudly.

Qn: Why art?

Ans: Because Art is my nature, passion and identity. Art is the solution to tragedies, wrangles, wars and celebrations. Art is the only voice which anybody can hear, however hostile.

Qn: How has your practice changed over time?

Ans: At the start, music is practiced inside, only myself. As time went on music started exploding out of me and my friends started feeling it and would tell me clearly. But now I am doing my music on school events, parties and universities, through performances.

Qn: Leaving alone performing for money and people enjoying, what other important aspect should your audience expect from your music?

Ans: My music will change the mindset of parents who misinterpret talents in young people, saying that they are becoming inflexible.  It will also help youth who are there needing help in changing their mind as to know that everything is possible, not giving up  – since that’s the massage in my music.

Qn: Should Art be funded?

Ans: Yes, Art should be funded like any other things.

Qn: Do you have a funder of your music since you are still a student?

Ans: No, I do support my self

Qn: Where do you get funds to support your music?

Ans: At times, I work with my daddy as a driver; and I also do video productions, that are where I get money to finance my music.

Qn: What is the critical experience you have faced?

Ans: The first challenge comes from the family who think you are going astray when you try music, then the inside fear on the cost of production.

Qn: On the tracks you have so far released which is best for you?

Ans: Hahahahaha! All my tracks are best for me since each track has a specific meaning, however, Togeya and Nuhliver, really tell my life.

Qn: Where can one find your music?

Ans: My music is on Streamlive via www.

Qn: What are your best performances so far?

Ans: Buzz Teens Awards at Katikati in 2011; DeBwaz at Sharing Hall 2012; Bayimba Festival at National Theatre; and, Talent Exposure at Las Vegas Club, Kawempe 2016.

Qn: In music and your life style, which wouldn’t you stay with out?

Ans: Of course, God, but apart from God, the next thing is music, because it’s my life.

Qn: Is artistic life lonely? If so how have countered it?

Ans: Yeah it is. But Art deals with different life situations which keeps me busy always so that I produce out real life music.

Qn: What makes you angry?

Ans: Being minimized and degraded.

Qn: What is the most embarrassing moment you ever encountered?

Ans: When I was the next to perform and I was pulled off the stage because someone else had come and he was given the microphone to perform in my place.

Qn: Do you have any strong memories of your childhood?

Ans: Yeah, when I lost my mummy in 2003, I was nine years old.

Qn: Name three artists you would love to be compared with?

Ans: Bebe Cool, A-Pass and Busy Bignal.

Qn: Name one song of your life and the artist?

Ans: Prisoner by Lucky Philip Dube.



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