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Keep the feet on the ground

it never stops. We have fought a good fight. We are still fighting. I urge you not to undermine yourself. You too can be a leader in your field of endeavour. Man is just ordinary, like any other, in the beginning, but once he begins to travel along the way, selected, he gathers the power, the outstanding power, that enables him to do wonders.

The dust rose and now, it’s down.  I wrote, numerous weeks ago, predicting a Trump victory. Your reaction showed that you perhaps doubted me. I knew what I was talking about. Go back and read my article titled, ‘Lets Force Them Listen.’
Whether you are a brick layer or a successful charcoal burner or a sought after grave digger, the principles are the same. If you are told that honesty pays, you have to be.

A politician knows how to kneel. And he must do, even before toothless men, to earn freedom.
Intelligent is the leader who knows that power belongs to people and these people, if they loved you, will pave all the ways to your destination. Tell for me Dr Besigye, if you meet him.

Time will come, but to those who are willing to leave other things to concentrate on that thing they are seeking.
People were shocked, and quarreled, and went to the streets, in the United States, to protest against the victory of the billionaire but, democracy had spoken. Nothing can change it.  Trump became the most powerful man on earth, yet one asks, “How did it happen?”

He said what most people here are afraid to say. I scribble things, which coward editors may want to exclude from their papers, but it is what I must say. Trump sat for years, saw and analyzed, and studied, the people in America.

He knew that a man, who desires to be among the most outstanding in the world,  possesses greed ,in his heart, and that whatever he does, he must ask himself, “What’s in it for me?” So he spoke and these people silently listened.

The first time I heard trump speaking, I immediately knew that a Clinton victory was impossible. Yes, because in the desert, we are often told to sell sand. We do and people, even those who have,buy.

America is grappling with hugeproblems and, therefore, it is not ready for a female president. I respect you ladies and, perhaps, someone has misunderstood me but, wait, very soon, as trump leads, you will understand the rare lines above.

We are men of war. Trump, throughout his campaign, was highly controversial. Trump had to force someone listen. And he had to do it in such a limited period of time. He played the game of politics against team Hillary.

Team Hillary knew more about the game more than he did. But, see, the billionaire knew the principles of success and that’s all. Do not fear them. You will sing!
Trump employed strategists and wise advisors who, day and night, poured huge words into his loose mouth. He obeyed them and said, exactly, what he had been directed to say.

Check throughhistory. You will charge trump, and the wife, and others, with plagiarism. As you move toward our secret location, right, you may stumble but, remember, you are going to reach. You will get there.

This I cannot explain, and convince people, but Ihave looked and I have seen people, who had struggled with business for more than ten years, finding the only secret they wanted and now,this year, they made almost their first profit in years. Thank God.

These are the miracles that I said would happen when I was ushered into the pulpit that the Sunrise owns. I said people will laugh, for the first time in years. I said someone, who was tired of this life, will say things are possible, to those who believe.

Do not fall. Keep your feet on the ground. I am going. I am going to deliver you to the promise land. As we stand, looking ahead, perhaps thinking about this and other years, let’s look back and see what has really gone wrong.

People were shocked. Others cried, asking why it was Trump. If it is persistent, trump persisted. He thought, all the time, for more than 30 years, about becoming the most powerful man on earth. Trump, contrary to what some people think, is avery honest man.

Trump, trust me, can be trusted. He lacks fear in his heart. Ordered by the holy books, he knows what to say, to people in need. And this is called, by those who are afraid to succeed, ‘telling lies’.

People listened and then, as if blind, voted trump. Such miracles happen when your time comes. You are going to succeed. Keep the feet on the ground and, again and again, walk ahead!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer
An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist
Have your say via: 0756717967 or email:



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