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The cost of opening your urinary bladder


The cost of opening your urinary bladder

The cost of opening your urinary bladder

The cost of opening your urinary bladder

I used to think that the brain is the most important organ. But when I realized that it’s again the brain telling me that I changed my perception. The penis is more important than the brain. If you doubt this, wait for that moment when some crazy woman will pick a knife and slice it off from you.

When we were kids we would wake up in the morning when our entire bodies are soaked in urine. Waking up in a pool of urine was never one’s wish. It just happened suddenly. Personally I tried my best to stop because my uncle always threatened to cut off my cock. This is something I never wanted to imagine.

The presence of a long cock on a man is the living testimony that God loves men and he wants them to be happy. Actually men love their cocks and that’s it. That’s why they hold it fondly whenever they are peeing.  While in the public urinals, a small boy asked a man what he was shaking after urinating. The man said, “I’m shaking hands with a very good friend of mine”

Come to think of it. Did you know that most people pee about seven times a day on average? Of course this varies a bit depending on how much you are eating and drinking. But how many times do you pee per day especially if you work in Kampala where you have to pay before you pee?

It’s risky working in the city centre where you have to pay money first before you pee. If you don’t have the money then forget about peeing. Motorists have an alternative; they pee in mineral water bottles inside their tinted vehicle windows.

Whoever tells you not to pee when time to pee has come is a real sadist.  It is quite hard to resist peeing when your urinary bladder is threatening to read the Riot Act. This is what city workers go through when they are trying to reduce costs. The average adult bladder can hold 300 to 500milliteres of urine- enough to fill anywhere between 7 and 11 shot glasses.   Now, how many milliliters can you withhold if you dodge peeing at least twice?

At the few available free toilets there is a very long queue that seems to be entering heaven. Before you empty your urinary tank some other bastard is shouting asking you to get out because others also want to pee. The average healthy pee stream should last for about seven seconds. But if you are peeing for only two seconds then you are either in a free public toilet or you have other problems like an infection.





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