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‘Voices in the streets’


‘Voices in the streets’

Voices in the streets’

Voices in the streets’

One now is desperate enough and ready to undress to get what he or she wants. The world is on its knees and the voices heard are mostly of people who have perhaps asked God to answer their prayers for years.  They have, for years, looked for milked and honey in vain.

It is so hard today to get gainful employment and employers act so quickly when it comes to sacking workers. Poverty is very rampant today.

Starving children in the streets here the other day almost plucked my right hand off to go away with it because I seemed to look unbothered when they stopped me so that I can listen to them. These days almost every one minds his business.

This is good, and I recommend it, but Uganda is a developing country. We need to do things that sent the United States and such countries into paradise. Like in China or India, we should think a lot about our neighbor next door. A child ready to go to school must go to class.

People are seeking for greener pastures abroad.  But who will create the environment here, today existing there? Changing location may not bring you peace or enduring happiness.

The successful and the rich and the tested politicians here and in Kenya and elsewhere in the world perhaps do not want to hear what I stand and say here but there is no other work we must do now. We must therefore continue.

We the other day boldly attacked corrupt officials in Kenya and something very rare in Africa happened. Judges changed their thinking. At 72 Raila Odinga could not accept to sink as he looked.

A time comes and a man who has tried again and again gets tired and this is when one gets involved, to do things that later save him from the jail that is overseen by heavily armed men and women. What the judges in Kenya did left so many of us scratching our heads. It will be written about by historians. Some people, with tiny hearts and souls, thought Kenya would burn to ashes. The country moved on.

It is up to you now. Learn from what happens every day in the world. They said Russia meddled in American elections and Donald Trump won. People often say against men of action. Trump is the president of the United States of America. The most powerful nation on earth. Never give up.

We are in 2017 and you about to hear voices of new politicians who think they can grow rich through collecting the crumbs that the taxpayer drops.

One by one makes a bundle. I discovered in June that no politician can willingly leave power. I found out that all politicians are mathematicians. I agreed that all politicians, who oppose the governments leading, want free things.

I believed it completely that a youth, even if he does not work, will want to drive a Mercedes or a BMW. People are suffering from poverty.

Depression is common now. There is corruption in Kenya. The common man in Kampala here hopes to one day see a leader who will one day allow him put his second hand clothes down, in the streets, to sell to the ignorant passersby. We travel but we learn nothing from the journeys we make. What must a respected city have?

Erias Lukwago what are the characteristics of a London like city? What are they, mayor? A comedian or a miraa consumer will today be voted to the august house as long as he or she is able to speak vernacular, to convince the common man listening.

People, who are ignored, in the streets, say they will vote Museveni into power again, if Besigye contests again.

Listen to me, and learn: all politicians can oppress if given power. Power, that is enough. How many famous politicians are sleeping in Luzira today? Ask yourself. Count the schools owned by the most famous politicians in this country.

Who, among politicians, can openly say he owns a business empire that can provide jobs to the loitering youths here? In fact we are led by very poor men and women. Where are their schools? Where are their banks? Where are their shopping malls?

Can a politician here invest in a newspaper?  Now, if all these glittering buildings here, including arcades, are not yours, then who owns them? These are voices in the streets. People are asking. We are useless then if we cannot openly say that since the taxpayer pays us well, we must put in place things that will benefit him and his children.

I will promote one, into a position of power, and hype his ability forever, if he openly tells us that he owns this and this and that that became a reality because he joined the ruling government. We need exemplary men and women so that we can fully inspire the sick and poverty citizens in this fourth world country.

I want to say your name in my articles and not that of Bill Gates or Donald Trump. The late Lawrence Mukiiibi owned schools. Ivan Semwanga gave away money and alcohol. The lines are open. Tell me what you own honourable. In the streets people want to know. Tonight I will be awake. Sweet wisdom.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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