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Do talkative people suffer from verbal diarrhea?


Do talkative people suffer from verbal diarrhea?


Do talkative people suffer from verbal diarrhea?

Do talkative people suffer from verbal diarrhea?

It’s okay to talk because that’s how we humans communicate. But it is not okay to talk too much.  I mean taking too much today to the point that you even start talking about things you were meant to talk about the following day.  This is something close to having verbal diarrhea, or simply choosing to talk like a machine.

People who talk too much many be extroverts. Extroverts are people who are expressive and always have the urge to maintain a good conversation with people around them.  It may be okay but sometimes it might cross the limits.

There are also the narcissists, who desperately want to sound entertaining and needs all the attention towards them. These are people who just want to babble and impress the person to whom they are talking to.

It is easily and often overlooked that when Thomas Jefferson asserted that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were inalienable human rights, he did so on the ground that they had been endowed by God, our Creator.

I’m yet to establish if the freedom to talk too much was one of those rights that are endowed by the creator. What hurts is that a freedom at one end usually violates one’s right at some other end. No wonder we are advised that the right to swing your fists end where your neighbor nose begins from.

Any interaction with a talkative person requires that the niggard does the taking while you do the listening. What is interesting is that these people often seem to never worry about what they utter. They seem to be so self-confident and they seldom think of what others think of them because they have good self esteem. Imagine you doing the talking and the listeners are left to deal with whatever you have said.

There is also insensitivity when it comes to social cues particularly when they don’t pay enough attention or listen to the other person, not to mention how arrogant these talkative people may be. They are sometimes very conceited with their own haughtiness and their own sense of self importance.

Maybe being talkative is not a grave crime? Parents provide their children with genes as well as an environment, so the fact that talkative parents have kids with good language skills could simply mean that and that the same genes that make parents talkative make children articulate.

There are even professions where talkative people are highly needed.  Maybe the broadcasting field, marketing and customer care/ reception are in high demand for these people




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