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‘Heart-broken student’


‘Heart-broken student’

Striking Makerere University students

Striking Makerere University students

We have finally, also, come to some of the days that make the last moments of every year. I will therefore decide to say thank you to all you people who have been there for us, as people cried.

A lot of people this year have committed suicide. To people with eyes to want to see, this has been among the leanest and hardest years in the history of this country.

I suffered once more, greatly, as I was forced to be under too much pressure and people asked me all the time to really reveal to them whether true success truly existed.

I too was depressed in 2017 and suffered hard and admitted to hospital. Deep headaches, and opposition, from fools here and there. See, I win because, I decide it, always in my mind.

I would like to say thank you to Deogratius Bamweyana, a sportsman, and now a coach of a famous football club here. He saw me at Makerere University, included me on some of his carelessly selected  teams and, looked at me attentively and helped me therefore to complete one of my courses at Makerere University.

According to my behaviour at Makerere University, Mr. Bamweyana did not think, for even one moment, that the little boy, who was always casually dressed, one day, could shock the earth with impressive lines that could motivate the earth and carry people up, to, the mountain top.

He didn’t think that I could later alone market Sports Science. In fact, even Oola who studied, for a long time, Magogo, while still youthful, and fidgeting with Mutundwe saw me as a normal student who loved so much Express Fc and sports in Uganda.

I am at the mountain top and now, you people should know that we are always there, at Makerere University, some to pass time and others to study others so that we may lead them, as they follow. Thank you so much students for following the incredible pieces I write. You force me rise up every morning, every day so that I can inform the world. I am happy.

Students from Kyambongo University and some top universities in Kenya are following what I jot down. Thank you. It is well known that you must queue up to get anything you want, at the University of Makerere.

You must line up to eat, if it is this long serving government sponsoring you. I almost wanted to refuse to go for the university ID.

I was poor and didn’t want therefore to stand for long waiting for things I was not sure whether they would later put coins in my pocket. At Makerere University, you must learn how to spend even before finding any source of money.

The streets of Kampala or Mbale or Jinja or Masaka or Mbarara and Arua are full of failures who graduated years ago. They can’t apply what they were taught years ago.

I performed poorly while at the oldest institution of learning here yet I am among the best Sports Scientists we have here and I find absolutely no time to render my services to young or old sports men here.

Because I am busy and have so many things to do. Call them jobs. This must be a lesson to all you boys and girls at any university here.

I wrote speeches there while at Makerere and a few Sports Scientists knew about it. People are going to deter you, by putting logs in your path. Keep quiet!

We were humble at Makerere and we pretended to be Sports Scientists only, and very loyal ones. But I rarely attended lectures, and a certain boy, whom I have never seen anywhere, attending a Magogo thing, said perhaps I was preparing for an uncertain future. He didn’t know about my plans.

I had started speaking before people in Bududa, Manafwa, and Mbale and in Busoga, while still a young boy. There is something that a student at the age of twenty three, may not realize while still at any higher institution of learning.

We argue a lot and argue politics mostly. At Makerere University we knew less about politics. I now know.

When I was young I was told to greet the people I met. I didn’t know why my mum always urged me to do so. We today look for votes and campaign for arrogant men, and preach in the temple. I rarely deliver these sermons before saying Hi to you people.

A loitering student in the streets thought he would one day be president because he was head prefect. He now hears of the Sekka Bagenda. I was not a prefect at Lubiri SS, and I didn’t read any book written by Achebe while at Lubiri SS.

I was not into politics while still a shabby ugly looking boy at the University. I got these habits, of spitting words, dirty and clean, after entering the world. The real one.

Stand up, you heartbroken student. Things are not like you thought they would be, while studying.

The head boy of my former school used, perhaps, to speak sense but now, when I stand, to say, those people, who were smart, and feared in high school, may not talk. Suicide is likely. The student, who has graduated, is heartbroken. Other side of coin. See!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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