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Kyazze and Nayiga 2, Naye obwenzi kkoyi


Kyazze and Nayiga 2, Naye obwenzi kkoyi

Naye obwenzi kkoyi

We stopped when Nayiga had set up Kyaze to enter her bedroom, where her husband was waiting. Nayiga’s husband, Brigadier Kafeero, was servicing his guns. Let us continue:

“Hajji Ashraf, when I saw this man, my mind switched back to the picture I saw in Nayiga’s office. This was her husband only that this time he was in full combat military uniform of a brigadier general.

“I looked at him servicing his guns and saw myself being carried out to a firing squad. All my muscles went limp, and I wetted my pants.

“I stood there feeling foolish. How could I have let myself into a den of lions like that? I was going to be eaten live.

“He continued doing his work without saying a single word. He picked his bayonet and fixed it back to the AK47. Here, I saw him cutting off my balls.

“I thought about my family and blamed myself for betraying them.

“All this time Nayiga was behind me laughing as I watched her in the dressing mirror just behind the general.

“When she saw my pants wet, she broke the silence and said; ‘Mwami Kyaze eee, sorry, bambi.  I had not shown you the washroom, but if you want to ease yourself it’s there. And that is my husband, Brigadier Kafeero’.

“‘Daddy, this is Mr. Kyaze, he wants to sleep with me, bambi. I leave you to discuss it with him. When you are done, I will come and do it, as you wish, Daddy’.”

Nayiga left the room, leaving me with the armed soldier. I cursed Nayiga and called her names in my mind. I stood there looking at the brigadier as if I was a soldier guilty of treason in a military court waiting for my sentence. He looked at me from toe to head.

“Brigadier Kafeero was in my age bracket. He had a moustache which looked to me like a mane of a lion. I saw a hungry and angry lion ready to attack its prey with all its might. I gave my life to God, but continuing to curse Nayiga.

“I was not going to fight this man-eater, but leave him to kill me the way he preferred. I had decided to request him not to torture me, but shoot me straight away. He broke the silence as I raised my arm.

“‘Mwami Kyaze, I’m happy to meet you. You may sit’. I was about to sit on the floor, when he said; ‘Sit on the bed’.

“I saw it as another insult to sit on their bed. So, I sat on the floor. He angrily raised his voice and ordered; ’I said on the bed’!

“It was as if thunder had struck me. I sat on the bed but carefully because my pants were very wet.

“He continued; ‘Mwami Kyaze, have you seen how women are dangerous and real murderers?’ I don’t know whether I answered back.

“He continued; ‘For me, I thought that Nayiga was joking, when she told me yesterday that there is a man pestering her for sex; that she was going to bring him before me, that I allow her to have sex with him. Hahahaha it’s so funny’. Kafeero laughed. I also faked a smile.

“He gave me a five-minute lecture about women: never to trust them. This brigadier knew me very well. He knew all my businesses, my children and where they go to school. He knew my history including the time I spent in Kenya. He crowned it all by knowing the parents of my wife in Kenya.

“He then called Nayiga, who came with a tray of juice and tea for both of us. The brigadier told Nayiga that I could not eat because I was so scared. He gave me a pair of trousers to change into, saying that mine was already wet, which embarrassed me, a bit. I humbly put on the trousers.

“I could see Nayiga almost bursting into laughter. She had archived her goal. She gave me a polythene bag to park my wet trousers and they left me to go.

“Hajji Ashraf, I don’t know how I reached Rubaga from Muyenga, but I ran leaving my car behind. When I reached home, my wife saw me very disturbed and wanted to know what had happened and where was the car; it was the latest Lexus model. It is when I realized that I had left it at the brigadier’s. I told her that it had been stolen.

“My God, I had not seen this Kenyan crying before. She cried throwing herself everywhere like a ball. She picked phone to call the Police, but I told her that I had been there; and that they were already on the look-out.

“Very early in the morning, Brigadier Kafeero drove the car into my compound. Madam saw it first and ran shouting; ‘Our car is here’. He asked her to call me. I went to him. He never wanted my wife to hear. He gave me the key and again warned me not to trust women. He also requested me to stop bwenzi because I have a beautiful wife.

“He went and Nayiga was out in her car waiting for him. She even waved to me and I saw her laughing. She had taught me a lesson of my life.

“Hajji Ashraf, the man never touched me but I lost my manhood at home for more than three months. I later gained it with my wife. But outside whenever I enter a lodge, I just see guns being serviced and the man coils down. hahaha. Naye obwenzi koyi.”

That was Kyaze’s story. Thanks for reading. Next will be another story, also from a man. Best regards.



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Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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