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Stop bullying Taxi conductors


Stop bullying Taxi conductors

A taxi conductor calling passengers

A taxi conductor calling passengers

I am aware that some taxi conductors are hooligans but I am starting to believe it’s our fault as passengers that they behave the way they do.

Last week, I was in a taxi on my way to town from Ntinda when we faced a brawl between the taxi conductor and Uganda Management Institute student. The cause of the scuffle was that the student had stubbornly refused to pay the full taxi fare and yet the conductor had been adamantly clear about the fee.

It didn’t matter that this student was female. The conductor grabbed her by the blouse and demanded for his money.

Well, it was an abomination to see a woman grabbed like that but whose fault was it? While many passengers defended the student, I on the other hand believe she deserved it.

First of all, this was a UMI student who pays tuition of over 3,000,000/=; how come she couldn’t afford the taxi fare which was just 1500/=?

Even if she was broke, all she had to do was negotiated with the conductor in the first place if she couldn’t afford the taxi fare. But to think she had to bully the conductor to get her way, that was wrong.

Is it because that many taxi conductors did not go to school that we degrade them or is it the nature of their jobs. Whatever that it is, these are human beings that deserve our respect.






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