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Badi World unleashes Mpiima – another Music Diva


Badi World unleashes Mpiima – another Music Diva

Badi World unleashes Mpiima

Badi World unleashes Mpiima

For the starters, Badi World has always been on record for establishing, bringing and putting good artistes on the map. Artistes like Apass and Ykee Benda are a proper example of this.

Not only artists, Badi has also established one of the biggest audio producers – Nessi. The after these entire legendary establishment, many people have been wondering where Badi has gone to.

Speaking to The Sunrise, Bashir Lukyamuzi, aka Badi, told this reporter that as always, he has been under cover preparing yet another music star. With a lot of confidence, Badi said that, currently they are managing a music diva called, Mpiima, and he believe that she is going to make history.

Mpiima was signed under Badi World in 2017 and has released several audios like; International Lover and Dembe. Currently, the Dembe is one of the most trending songs on all music stations, radio, television and social media. It is gradually joining the top music charts in Uganda.

Dembe was recorded at Badi studios with Producer Bomba. Badi directed the video, and for those who understand the entertainment industry well, Badi is one of the legendary video directors. He has handled very many projects like; Nyumbani, by Radio and Weasal, among others.

For obvious reasons, this video is eye-catching and it contains good video content: the script, lightning, camera movements were on the spot, was fully packaged. It was done in Jinja, in one of the most appealing environments that Uganda has.

Mpiima is one of the must watch talents that are in the entertainment industry; and being managed by one of the legendary people in the industry, her future in the industry is bright. She is one of a few artistes in the music industry who has a unique natural sound to her songs.

Sometimes upcoming artistes tend to copy or even sound like some fellow musicians but this is not the case with her.  “I am Uganda’s next diva. I believe in my uniqueness and I know people will like me for who I really am because I sound great and am so focused on my carrier,” Mpiima says.

At the Badi World, one of the things differently noticeable about Mpiima is that she is so creative in and outside the studio. She is really set to take over the entertainment industry, “It won’t be a surprise when she is recognized as the female artist of the year,” one admirer noted.




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