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Nankanja gave me a beating of my life in the car


Nankanja gave me a beating of my life in the car

Nankanja gave me a beating of my life in the car

Nankanja gave me a beating of my life in the car

The last issue ended when Matta was in a very hard situation. He had gone to pick his pregnant girl friend from Fairway Hotel, but he was surprised when the girlfriend, Joan, was in company of his wife, Nankanja. Read on what happened next in this episode.

“Hajji Ashraf, when I looked behind and saw my wife, Nankanja, being introduced to me by the girlfriend, I nearly blacked out. I looked at Nankanja with her chin settled in her right palm, and saw a very bad dream coming true. She remained calm. I started sweating right away.

“Nankanja broke the silence when she pretended and greeted me as a stranger. Then, Joan, came in and said; ‘Sister, munange ono ye taata womwana ono’. (Sister, this is the father of this baby I’m carrying).

“She continued to tell her that I am married but I have no peace with my wife. I remembered telling her that I did not have peace at home.

“Here, Nankanja replied her, that; ‘Bambi, nga alabye. Abasajja nno bambi nga baba nebizibu mumak’agaabwe’. (Sorry for him, men face problems in their homes.

“Hajji Ashraf, my palms started sweating. I could not even hold the steering properly. Before I started the engine, Joan requested me that we drive Nankanja first back to her home before we go to Ntinda.

“Nankanja also chipped in and asked Joan to drive to Ntinda first; that she, (Nankanja), wanted to see where her friend, Joan, stays; that in case of any problem with the pregnancy, Nankanja would   come straight away.

“Joan agreed right away. I nearly broke the would-be news to Joan that, that was her co-wife, but I feared the consequences, because we were still in the hotel parking yard.

“I faked to start the car and claimed a mechanical problem. In reality, I wanted to get a special hire for Nankanja. Before I moved, however, Nankanja jumped on to my trick. She immediately came out from the back seat.

“She looked straight into my eyes and asked for the key. You could see fire in her eyes. I surrendered the key. She started the car; and Joan got very excited.

“Nankanja smiled and asked me to sit behind, that I looked tired. This made Joan more excited. Nankanja continued to open her bag and showed Joan her driving permit.
“So, it was now Nankanja behind the wheel. She knew this car very well.

“We drove to Ntinda. I kept quiet thinking of what I had wronged God for Him to punish me to this extent in broad daylight.

“I silently cursed Joan who kept laughing and pouring out everything we ever talked together, angering Nankanja the more. We were planning a secret introduction ceremony at Joan’s parents, this girl went on to invite Nankanja to be there as her second Senga. I nearly got mad!
“When we reached Joan’s gate, she went out to open it. She usually takes some five minutes as she collects the key to the padlock inside. I remained with Nankanja in the car; and this is the longest time I ever spent suffering in my life. It was already dark.

“Without making any noise, Nankanja stretched herself through the gap between the driver and the co-driver’s seat and gave me a slap of my life. I saw stars and bells ringing into my ears. She was like a wounded lion. She continued to pinch, punching and slapping me for over those five minutes.

“I never answered back but just begged for mercy and that she should wait for us to reach so that she would punish me at home. It was the sound of the gate opening that saved me.

“She pretended to be calm, and drove into the compound, before Joan invited her inside the house. I wanted to remain in the car but she gave me a look that forced me to follow her.

“Hajji Ashraf, my friend, I was under physical and mental torture from a woman. We entered the house and everywhere there were pictures of me with Joan. In one corner there was one when I was in pyjamas with her.

“The albums showed worse. In some pictures we were kissing at the beach. Everything was annoying to a co-wife.

“It was time to go and almost past 9.00pm.”

Fans, we shall complete Matta’s story next week.  Best regards. Allha bless you.



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Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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