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Would you give your ex a second chance?

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Would you give your ex a second chance?

Would you give your ex a second chance?

Would you give your ex a second chance?

All relationships start, and some end while others persistently exist for ever.  There are many reasons why some relationships come to an end. The good news is that those that end maybe started again after the couple has reconciled and agreed to start again.  This also means that there are reasons why couples get together again after a break up.

Experience shows that sometimes our memories play tricks on us, tempting us to remember the best of times and not the worst. Recalling the sweet occasions during which your ex-partner was loving, charming, or thoughtful and conveniently forgetting the painful and persistent impasses, you may long for the chance to re-connect.

You are likely to meet a number of people telling you that their decision to break up or get divorced may have been made too hastely. They confess that if they had understood then what they realize now, they might have been able to get through the crises that led to the split-up. They say that they might be more tolerant of an unfaithful, overly critical, or un-ambitious partner-now that they realize that “nobody’s perfect.”   Some people are likely to assert that they are now more willing to look at their own behavior-and to see that if they commit to changing their ways they could improve the relationship they previously gave up on.

Someone once said that sometimes a person may come back into your life simply to find out if you are still stupid. He was putting across the obvious point that sometimes exes return to complete the damage they were not able to do at first.  Question one; what if your ex probably hasn’t changed? People can be amazing talkers. But saying something, and actually doing it, are two completely different things. So if you are hearing a lot of talk from your ex about how much they have changed, look for the proof. Some people are pretenders and always come back for something and hop e to take advantage of your tolerance and forgiving heart so you need to be careful and read their true intentions.

You and this person broke up for a reason; you have been apart for a reason. Things were not working anymore. Now, of course there is a chance that things could work again, and maybe you both just needed a break to grow and feel more comfortable in your relationship. But there is also a chance that you are both feeling vulnerable and lonely and going back to each other feels safe and comforting. It is easy to get back together with an ex because you don’t have to go through all of the painful annoyances of dating someone new. When you are feeling down, it becomes too simple to forget the bad stuff and to give each other another chance, even if that is undeserved.

But generally the decision to give or not to give a second chance remains yours. Maybe every relationship is different and that means each relationship requires a different approach. The couple understands their particular relationship and they know what to do. Just remember that whatever decision you make, you need to be happy.



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