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My home, my paradise

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My home, my paradise

By Emily Aik

The author Emily Aik

The author Emily Aik

As a child growing up, I never lived in any other place but Luzira, one of the suburbs in Kampala city. I never knew how it felt like living in any other place and I did not care. My home was near Port Bell and also Butabika hospital.

We always loved to watch  people with mental disorders do crazy things. That was our idea of fun. We did that almost every day of our lives as far as I can remember. I never cared about the noise and the lots of traffic caused by the presence of the hospital after all I was only a child, nothing else mattered.

For some reason we had to leave Luzira. My mum wanted a new place for reasons best known to her. I was ok with it after all I was all grown up and my priorities had quiet changed. She wanted a calmer atmosphere – far from the noise of the world  and it felt like we shared the same dream. After a long search we got our kind of house around Mbalwa, Namugongo Road.

Beautiful house, beautiful neighbourhood,  my new home is just perfect.  For the three years I have lived here I have  not heard about any theft or armed robbery in my neighbourhood. The  shops are close by , and I have my loyal boda guy who make  the far things quite attainable in the shortest time possible. My four-year old’s  nursery school is immediately after our gate.

I told my best friend about my new home and she also came and got herself a house nearby. She has the best things to say about our ‘paradise’ as well . We hang out occasionally  without much worry about returning  home late because in all sincerity, this happens to be one of the safest places one can find around Kampala.



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