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Why women hold on to cheating husbands

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Why women hold on to cheating husbands

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her husband Diamond have been sighted back together despite reports that Diamond got a new girl

Today it does not seem to shock us anymore to learn that a politician, actor or professional athlete has cheated on his wife. With the way today’s media and social networks operate, it seems surprising that these men might think they can hide these affairs. What is shocking, however, is the fact that these women choose to continue in relationships marred with scandalous sexual affairs by their husbands.

Former first lady Hillary Clinton, pop singer Fergie and Victoria Beckham, wife of British soccer star David Beckham, our own Massa and many others have not walked out of their husbands’ lives despite the infidelity. We all praise such women for being so understanding and forgiving but there is something we don’t know.

It is not just the nobility of forgiveness but there is a shady possibility that each of these women knew, or suspected the affairs all along and instead paid a deaf ear.

Sometimes women fool themselves into believing that their husbands’ frequent business trips and overnight stays at the office are aimed at meeting deadlines and getting work well done to win promotions. They even intentionally mistake the interminable phone calls at home for business interactions with clients and workmates.

Sometimes when a man cheats, there may be many factors involved and factors known by the wife. This is not criticizing any parties in the relationship, but sometimes, there are issues within the relationship which couples deliberately refuse to address.

There are women who have very low sexual libido and have failed to work upon such a problem. Such women are fully aware that their sexually starved husbands must find other women to quench their thirst and they admit that, though painfully. In this case you are bound to find women continuing with the relationship even when the man is an inveterate cheater.

We need to appreciate that time and love are also major factors, which might make a woman stand by her man even after getting him cheating. If a woman has been with her spouse for a long time, she may not want to end a 10-year relationship over a 2-month affair.

Very often in relationships, we invest a lot of ourselves, so making a decision to end something we have invested in can be difficult .
Love, of course, is probably a leading factor. When we love someone, we love him or her for who they are.

We know people make mistakes and errors in judgments. If we love someone, and they hurt us, sometimes we forgive them because it may have just been a one-time mistake. Stop being surprised anymore.



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