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Luyima hid dollars in a hole with polythene bag

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Luyima hid dollars in a hole with polythene bag

Luyima hid dollars in a hole with polythene bag

Luyima hid dollars in a hole with polythene bag

In this third episode of Luyima-Boxer Saga, we are treated to a complex of feelings. Let us continue…

In this third episode of Luyima-Boxer Saga, we are treated to a complex of feelings. Let us continue…

“When Senga saw me with my luggage, she didn’t ask questions. She thought I had come for ante-natal care, as it had happened with my first born. She just prepared my room. Earlier on, Boxer had built Senga a small but self-contained house replacing the old one.

So according to the standards of Makerere Kivulu, this was a “bungalow” with a fence.

“Mwanyinaze Hajj, when I saw the $40,000, I looked around to see whether there was anybody else in the room. This was a lot of money; a dollar was at UGX 2,000 and a nice car cost $6,000.

“I imagined that if the Police got to Boxer, he would automatically lead them to Senga’s home to recover these dollars hence causing problems for auntie. I thought of taking these dollars to the Police, but Boxer and the other two had murdered somebody which would lead the father of my children to the gallows.

“I resolved to keep this money in a safe place until the whole thing cooled down. To the dollars, Boxer had added cash UGX 4m and a note with the name of the CT-scanned baby girl. He had named her after his late mother.

“Behind Senga’s house there was a small garden where I dug a small pit to hide these dollars wrapped in a polythene bag.

“Boxer didn’t disturb me for a week and Senga wondered why he hadn’t visited me. I cooled her by deceiving her that he wasn’t in the country.

“Six days later I was at Mulago in ward 5E for private expectant mothers. Boxer came to see me, and for sure, I was missing him. He came with Junior. He always used Junior to avoid a confrontation with me.  He very well knew that I never reacted in the presence of our son.

“I looked at this murderer and pitied my son and the girl to come. Senga welcomed him back from abroad, ‘Naye era nga omubbi bweyandibade,’ Boxer smartly lied to her that when he heard my being admitted, he boarded the next plane back. I nearly spat on him. He continued to avoid eye contact with me.

“I delivered normally and Boxer never left the hospital until I was discharged a day later. Boxer carried the entire luggage to the car; he made himself busy before even carrying the baby down to the car. We followed him with Senga down to the car.

“He drove off and when we reached the main road, to my relief, he turned towards Wandegeya. Senga told him to go to Mawanda Road that she was to nurse me at our home. I was about to burst when Boxer quickly answered Senga that they were renovating the house and the paint may have affected the baby. Resting my head on Senga’s lap, I didn’t see where we were heading.

“Boxer drove to our Kanyanya new house. ‘Mwanyinaze Hajj, omusajja yali akoze enju!’ Our house was well painted, with tiles where necessary, and neatly furnished with everything from the living, dinning, and kitchen to the master bed room. The children’s bed room was waaaaaw.

“He told Senga that, ‘Njagala Maama wange (baby) asule wapya’. He left us in the house immediately. Senga was very happy for me. But I was bleeding inside.

“He didn’t come back that night. I knew he feared me. I called him that morning and asked him why he hadn’t come back. He calmly replied that he hadn’t wanted to disturb me and took the chance to apologize that he would never do it again. I ordered him to come immediately, which he did. He came with Junior, all his property and the maid.

“A few months passed by, forgetting that incident, and we were enjoying life to the maximum. We even had some vacation in Mombasa.

“Boxer played the good husband until one evening I received a phone call that somewhere in Luwero District some gun-toting robbers were trying to rob a bank. The driver of the runaway car was rounded up and burnt alive inside the car. It was believed to be Boxer.

Salaam alaikum Thank you, dear readers. We shall conclude our Luyima saga in the next episode.





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Dr. Ashraf Simwogerere, is an acclaimed playwright, film producer, performing artist and professional dentist. In 2016 he was recognized as one of Uganda's National Heroes. Dr. Semwogerere is one of the most recognised faces of Uganda's Theatre having scripted and produced plays such as `Suubi` and `Mukajanga`.

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