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These critical problems

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These critical problems

These critical problems

We lost important people last year. Things are likely not change.Col. Ibrahim Abiriga was brutally shot by people we may also never know. We are looking for money and the temple is determined to reveal to you all the secrets that moneyed men and women do not want any ordinary man or woman to know about.

You will be successful when the time comes. There is no doubt about that. But now something is going on in our country. You are not safe. The Abiriga shooting is enough to show you that the person you today love so much is an enemy, to you.

Honourable Abiriga was unexpectedly butchered.I had chosen to ignore some things. This attracted my attention. I sobbed. There is youth unemployment. We are fighting and officials in this government are slowly waking up.

Abiriga was not this government that you say you hate.  He was a man of a people, so common, and was always ready to give away information to whoever wanted to use it against himself and the entire party that he said he supported, journalists say.

When someone carefully goes through my article titled When Time Is Up, one realizes that there is something I wanted a lot to tell the listeners who came to the temple that time. The president and all people close to him must wake up and fix something.

We don’t know what is going happen tomorrow. I too have a lot of enemies. I don’t know whether my worst enemy will act standing at the opposition side or there at the other side where people with legal authority are standing. We still have the freedom to worship.

This Idd Amin had taken from us. So he had to go. Milton Obote didn’t want to rule with traditional leaders. He banned kingdoms and he followed our king to a foreign land and killed him there. This definitely showed that Obote’s time to go had come. Today people are just poor. The youth want to drive magnificent automobiles which they say are today almost inaccessible. The youth are broke. That still can be solved.

The farmers will be repeatedly reminded that agriculture is the back bone of this economy. I couldn’t ignore the Abiriga incident. We might be the next people. I remain the only bold man here today who can boldly talk. We must strategically and carefully look for the people who are doing this. It is 30 years. Fine, but the roads are still built.

There is corruption but the president has, since he came to power, been saying thathe is ready to fight it until he defeats it. It is not only always going to be musicians or politicians.Peoplefrom all spheres of life are going to be killed.

Business men in Kikuubo will not be spared. These criminals know us. They are going to reach there in your peaceful villages to take from you people, who are even without any politics in their blood. It has never happened in the thirty years of NRM. Don’t laugh. Opposition politicians are going to be killed too. No one knows what these people are after.  Common men are kidnapped. These gangs once invaded Entebbe. You saw what happened. Entebbe is where the president resides. Pray for this country. The tactics the killers have chosen to use are new and now, over to you security organizations. For us we don’t know what can be done to stop people who kidnap and kill after eating ransom. Magara. Abiriga.

The former was a daughter to a silent city tycoon. The latter was a politician, who even,fortunately, childishly played his politics. Abiriga was not a threat. But see: He was among the most talked about men in this country.

He was killed so that we may talk. His shooting filled us with fear. It’s what they wanted. They did not kill Abiriga because there were any secrets that he carried. The name he made during the togikwatako days carried no power and no man or woman, who desires to take power, could even ever think of targeting Abiriga or any other politician from West Nile. Any one today can be killed. These people are in need of filling you with fear.

They want to let you think that they are unafraid of anything. President Museveni is a wise man and therefore thinks the way I like to do. The killers of the important people and the street vendors know the meaning of the statement, people power.

They are going to continue sinking more men. They know you people are going to talk, to put the Museveni government under pressure, and, they think, you will vote the NRM out of power, in the next general election.This killer is a Museveni enemy. Think. You will succeed!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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