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‘People power and what Bobi Wine can do’

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‘People power and what Bobi Wine can do’

‘People power and what Bobi Wine can do’

‘People power and what Bobi Wine can do’

I would advise that all children of school going age are reminded that all successes in this world are accessed by those who toil hard, and very long. Since independence influential politicians have been giving moving speeches outlining almost all things that can be made to lift our country from this backwardness that has continued to shock all of us.

It is so bad that even today people still fight against each, just to succeed in forming their own camps that may ruthlessly fight against the existing ones.  We are here and shall therefore elect you people in power but tell us:

Will you stop this fighting and quarrelling?  It has become too much. I don’t like it and it must therefore stop.  This is a very little country, small in size and with a manageable population.

It is possible for us to put our country first before political parties come in. It is possible. The other day Hon. Abiriga was assassinated. It pained me because these are men who worked hard to elevate themselves to that level, of the ladder of success.

He knew a lot and could therefore, if given chance, do a lot to take our country there. A writer like me still needed more of the words of Abiriga. I, silently, live among people who the world respects. Some of these people are praised for nothing. They are immature. These people were happy were Ibrahim Abiriga was gunned down.

An idiot laughs when a neighbor’s dog is poisoned. The following day his house is broken into. Let’s think. This government will never go away until this People Power is made real in 2021. Let’s not waste time.  President Museveni will not be impeached. He will not resign.   This can never be.

You people, when you hear the president talk, what do you hear?  In fact he is older than most of us here, but he still sounds more intelligent than even the president of the most powerful nation on earth. Go to work and stop expecting things that are incredibly impossible.

I have politics in blood and that is why I write about it. It is the reason a politician, before he gets power, will consult us. Everything has its time. This is Uganda.  You cannot believe it. I knew why one had to have money or power when I had left Makerere University.

We are in country where parents take us to powerful schools and colleges and then abandon us the moment degrees are conferred upon us. I am thankful to God, for He perhaps enabled my father who had money, to ignore us just to make me suffer from poverty and misery that I may, in future, talk for the voiceless.

You have refused to think for yourself, yet you are educated. Sit down and know the principles of success. I could do everything I was commanded to do as long as those things could carry me into what I wanted. Deal with politicians knowing.

Uganda is the only country where a ruling party MP and that one of opposition can never publicly agree. Let’s not tell lies to ourselves. All people in opposition and there in this government can do lots of things to develop our country. I know.

Opposition politicians feel bad if Mulago hospital is expanded. Roads like Tirinyi have claimed a lot of lives, of fellow Ugandans. This is not talked about.  It is not time for elections, so constructive things are ignored. We are busy kicking each other.

You will do a lot of things to convince me you people.  Don’t fight projects.  Mohammad Kirumira was killed. You talked and cried.  Now the country is so calm as if nothing happened.

Newspapers were sold. And now in a few years from now people will be sent to parliament, because they cried crocodile tears.  Do we know what is currently happening to the family of Kirumira? You are going to fight wars on behalf of other people and these people will make it to what they want. They will never remember you. I stopped Luweero war veterans from disturbing us telling us that they perhaps fought for nothing.

A lot of people who were close to president Museveni in the bush are still near him and sucking their motherland. You lost because you cared less.  The world caters for only those that are careful when sowing. The fathers of this nation brought us up in a poor way remember.

These people taught us to be selfish. We are greedy. We are people who are self -centered. The very rich in this country still tell us they are still working for their children. A man steals the entire district’s money with a feeling that perhaps one day he may lose his job, sending his family into poverty again. We cannot inspire people who now easily lose concentration.

Money and power are shy and you need to set traps, on a daily basis, so that you may get them.  I first ignored politicians’ propaganda to make editors trust me.  People Power talk to me.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

            Have your say via: 0756717967 or email:



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