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 Our responsibility


 Our responsibility

Time is here, and I am ready to tell you more of how the people you admire made it. We would like to love our country but some one, with a lot of authority, is busy putting his fingers on our mouths, pressing them hard, to stop us from talking. I know a lot of people in this country, some working for president Museveni, who believe it really that our country stopped developing dozens of years ago.

A well trained gun man has shot a lot of important people in our country. He also has his own reason why he does it.  Had we listened to him, if we knew him, he would tell us that he does that because of the love he has for this country.

The truth is most leaders who stay in power for long love their countries and they feel happy if a state of the art hospital or a good road is constructed. Right now ninety percent of Ugandans who can be given a public office can steal the tax payer’s money. So many Ugandans who say exams are stolen can also engage in this practice if  only, they were to get a chance.

So many parents know their kids were helped, to excel, in some national exams. If it was, and you cared make these children repeat, in other honest schools.  We are all the same people. We are all the same and if given power we can also steal and mistreat, and employ our relatives.

The day I wanted to write about Magogo and the Federation of Uganda Football Association is the day Muhammad Kirumira was gunned down. The truth is, and it is seen even by the youngest followers of football in Uganda, football in Uganda is in Mulago hospital.

If you are an adult and have been following football in Uganda, the days of Denis Obua, whom Mulindwa and Magogo fought and toppled, were far better than Mulindwa’s and these ones of this young man Magogo.

I grew up near Wankulukuku stadium. I was a loyal fan of Express FC. We loved Express FC. We hated to lose, to our enemies. It is the reason we fought. You are today fighting hooliganism in stadiums. Now I call that wasting time and money FUFA. These are not hooligans. These fans of today are just annoyed.   We threw stones the other day. People got annoyed just, as you would also,   because their team, of Express, was busy sinking.

Villa is also in big problems. A house that is full of problems quarrels, and fights. God gives me freedom to say what I feel like saying. Uganda is this because you fear to talk. Kirumira was gunned down. His father came out and said, as the country marveled, that he has more children willing to serve the country while in police uniform.

You die if you talk and when you put your finger on your lips, and keep quiet, you also die. Nothing can take me to Wankulukuku stadium. I am not saying this because Magogo completely refused to pick my calls.

No. I have no grudge against Edgar Watson, although, about eight years ago, he undermined me because he didn’t believe it that I would one day own a microphone. It is done, we shall qualify but we play poor football. I am busy, employ other sports scientists. I am here to tell the truth. People enjoy foreign leagues more than the league here. It is your responsibility, you man or woman, holding this newspaper now.  Talk.

The rich don’t vote. The poor who vote are given money to attract them to polling stations. You started saying three years ago that you now send people to parliament to let them also eat. The people you today blame, once said they would fight for you if you let them in.

Now, the federal system of governance became bad I think, because those who fought for its introduction are now ministers. It is your responsibility. It is our responsibility to quit churches of pastors who say it is only born again Christians that get rich.

Say no to a fellow man who says to you that you must sow ‘a seed’ before he prays for you. All sincere prayers are answered. You don’t need to sow ‘a seed’ to be blessed. If these scripture writers were really guided by the Holy Spirit, then anyone can achieve whatever one whole-heartedly seeks.

Anyone can succeed, even if this government refuses to go away.  You should build more arcades and sky scrapers in this city. No one will bomb these things, even if this government is told to slowly walk away, in shame.  You should go into singing and sing.

If there is unemployment in this country someone should never say he is walking to work. Think, before you do. It misleads people if we fail to think, opposition leaders.

Nothing is impossible today. Man has ruled space. Man can do anything.  He has ruled water to the extent that he now easily walks on it without it resisting. Whatever is happening, we are responsible. We are fighting. Let’s work.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An Inspirational Public Speaker and a sports scientist

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