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EAC launches Common Tourist Visa


EAC launches Common Tourist Visa

EAC tourist visa

Three leaders from the three East African Northern Corridor countries have launched the a single Tourist Visa opening the way for easier and cheaper travel across the three countries by tourists.

Although Tanzania and Burundi sent high lever representatives to the Summit, Dr. Barnaba Marial.

The launch took place at Speke Resort Munyonyo during the 4th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit. The Visas were presented to MS Allison Alto- Bond of Canada, Ms Sole Amat of Spain and Mr. Paul North from the United Kingdom.

During the Summit, Museveni commended President Kenyatta of Kenya for embarking on the exercise of upgrading their section of the railway to standard gauge. He revealed that Uganda will soon launch the exercise to upgrade its own section of railway.

Museveni said that through the East African Community the member countries have a better bargaining power. He noted that integration would give the region a bigger voice as well as ability to pool resources to work on common infrastructure projects that will benefit the region and beyond.

President Museveni said: “food security, a big voice and security are the core issues in the integration process.”

Museveni argued that among the hindering factors to development in the African continent was discrimination through sectarianism and failure to encourage infrastructure development and a narrow market.

Presidents Paul Kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta, used their national Ids to travel to Uganda. Uganda has embarked on a process of enrolling all Ugandans above 16 years in the National ID system.

The leaders also resolved that partner states would develop a joint power generation project. But details on the specific project were not revealed.

They noted that all the partner States have made contribution to the Bank Account in Kigali towards the feasibility study for the engineering, procurement and construction of an oil pipeline.



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