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MPs battle public anger for blocking buses


MPs battle public anger for blocking buses

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Namboze

Members of Parliament are facing growing public criticism for calling into question the alleged secret dealings between City authorities and Pioneer Bus Services– the company many hope to alleviate transportation problems in and around Kampala.

Members sitting on Parliament’s local government committee, 000 per month for each of its projected 500 buses as license fees to enable them operate in Kampala.

She added that the authority had set Ushs 1000 per person for each journey not exceeding 10kms.

Nambooze herself reminded her colleagues that she wants the project to succeed, only if it is opened up for scrutiny.

“In fact, if this project is operationalised, I will be one of those people who will give up private transport and start using these buses immediately,” Nambooze warned KCCA officials and the bus operators not to deny the people of Mukono the service, “Simply because their MP came and made noise about the project in its initial stages.”

She added: “It is very clear that all Ugandans need this service and as such no one can and should block it. Our only concern as leaders is that it should be done right to avoid a repeat of other similar projects that Ugandans have regretted in the past,” Nambooze added.

Following a week of inquiry, the stakeholders who include government, PBS, KCCA have agreed to have the arrangement reviewed and ensure that the following are achieved.

– Ensuring that the contract between pioneer and KCCA is renewed
– Licensing the buses
– Gazetting routes
– Marking the lanes,
– Sensitising the public,
– Setting the fares,
– Securing a government guarantee [to enable supply of more buses]
– Revising the existing statutory instrument to accommodate surrounding municipalities as envisaged in the greater Kampala Physical planning metropolitan area prior to the start of the project.

It was however realised that achieving these conditions will take a few more months and that therefore city commuters may not begin to enjoy the services on March 1, 2012 as had earlier been planned.

So far the company has imported 100 buses and expects to secure a government guarantee so that it accesses credit to facilitate importation of the remainder of the buses.



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