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Gay sympathizers now table ‘scientific’, ‘historical’ data to justify their thing


Gay sympathizers now table ‘scientific’, ‘historical’ data to justify their thing

Fighting for space, ” the gays argue.


Whereas majority of Africans are averse to homosexuality and lesbianism, gays argued in their release that ‘Ubuntu” (or African Humanism0 extends tolerance and acceptances towards others sexualities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people.

“Consequently, it is more correct to see homophobia as alien to Africa rather homosexuality,” the gays claim.


Without going into the specifics, gays claim that widespread psychiatric and psychological bodies consensus have long established that same-sex attraction is “not an alterable mental disorder.”

The gays rebuff claims that HIV is more widespread in same sex practitioners.  They deflect the allegations with what they call “incontrovertible scientific data.”  According to their said data, the spread of HIV is facilitated by “expanded criminalization of homosexuality”.

They go on to claim that such data has long been recognized as spot on by various African and International scholars.

Anti-gay law do not translate into less practitioners

If it did, argue the gays, countries like Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Congo which have never criminalized the practice, would be teeming with gays and lesbians.

Child sex abuse

On this one, gays contend that banning sex between two consenting people cannot prevent the abuse in question. To gays, the remedy can be best found ban gays from doing their thing with children.

No special privilege

Gays point out that by asking for space , they are not seeking special treatment, but rather seeking to enjoy their rights enforced by the 1995 Uganda Constitution.



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