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Kabaka’s lake under threat


Kabaka’s lake under threat

Kabaka’s lake has been enchroached upon as well as heavily silted, factors that threaten its existence

The Royal Lake for the King of Buganda, famously known as “Ennyanja ya Kabaka,” located in Ndeeba-Kampala is facing depletion as residents around it continue to pour garbage in it, Writes Bashir Kyazze

This man-made lake, approximately 3 kilometers west of Kampala, was dug in the late 1800 on the orders of the then Kabaka of Buganda, Daniel Mwanga.

The lake is a tourist attraction and a source of water for Ndeeba residents.

Local Council 1 (LC1) Chairman Spare Zone Tamale Christopher said in an interview with this reporter that even the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), the government agency responsible for the protection of the environment, was doing nothing to save the lake.

“People are filling the lake with garbage and NEMA is not here to stop that,” he said. “We need to work together to stop this pollution.”

Robert Kamoga, a resident of Ndeeba said the situation was caused by insufficient garbage collection containers in the area.

“Lack of containers forces people to dump rubbish in the lake,” he said.



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