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South Korean envoy advises on agriculture


South Korean envoy advises on agriculture

The newly appointed Ambassador of South Korea to Uganda Park Jong Dae has advised farmers to cooperate as an avenue for pooling produce so that buyers of produce or investors can easily find the produce, the unsystematic production of the agricultural products makes investors fail to get the actual directions from where to buy agricultural produce something that makes investors reluctant to invest in value addition.

Ambassador Park made the remarks while addressing a gathering of University students between Uganda and Korea who exchanged views about their future roles in developing their respective countries.

Ambassador Park urged the Ugandan government to put in place better and sustainable infrastructure to make it easy for the farmers to transport their agricultural products to the market.

The Ambassador said that the Korean embassy has stepped out to support agriculture including the ongoing construction of a fruit processing factory in Teso regions which is aimed at making the farmers benefit from their efforts.

The Ambassador further urged Ugandan students to pursue further studies abroad including Korea as one of the ways to boost their skills and chances for better jobs.

He added that the Korean Embassy organizes twice a year, registration processes for international courses that can be pursued in Korea.

Ambassador Park urged Ugandans to emulate developed countries that have advanced in industries such as ICT, Medicine, textiles by starting to make products like clothes and stop importing them.

“Korea is a universal power and attractive to all developing countries and development experience is one thing that Korea has over other countries,” said Park. “So it is because of this that the Ugandan government should collaborate with the Korean government in order to develop Uganda in all aspects such as economic and political.”

The ambassador appreciated the Ugandan government for having successfully promoted security political stability.

He however said there is still great potential in developing the tourism sector including investing in new hotels and camping sites that can accommodate more tourists than are currently available.



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