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You can transform your life’

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You can transform your life’

Let me call this time of the year the middle of the night. I no longer want to wait. I had concentrated on moving at a lame man’s pace as our colleagues from far away, continued to gather to listen and see with their naked eyes the rarest secrets artistically placed into the pages of the only true and bold paper remaining around here. Time is against me now.  Kiprotich style, the year has trotted!

I cannot wait any longer. The secrets are still too much in the box I opened. Too much! Now you better go and look for all the copies of the sunrise since this year began, if you missed them.

The principles I recommend can lead you to all the worldly things that the entire world is looking for. So I beg you, so kindly, to first gather all the articles that you have missed since I started inspiring the world using this as my platform.

I have seen people who had lost hope get up and race with verve to the finishing line, crushing the souls of those who were saying it was impossible and stunning the doubting Thomases by performing incredibly huge miracles. I know you, too, can reach the mountain top.

When Chagga, who later failed as a musician and retired, teamed up with ZizaBafana, the boy I made, to psychologically torture MetanikRabongo, a talented musician in town, I sat Rabongo down and ordered him to read the lines I scribbled here every Friday. He obeyed and did.

Chagga and Bafana were ‘out fought’, with no guns or fists or swords, but by the brains that Rabongo acquired by following the lines I write every week, here! I listened to his red apple song and got inspired.

A lot of former streets boys are now respected people having listened to my advice. We see the cases of Bugembe and nod our heads to agree that really street life can be temporary.

A student who thought I was average at the university screamed and jumped and congratulated me on having made myself a fine writer in such a small period of time. He said the period was small perhaps because he didn’t know what I was planning as I engaged in what he called “Lecture Dodging!”

During that time I was doing all I could to transform my life as he and his group said my future had to be bleak. He almost knew nothing about me. It was how they thought but in me was a strong man, David, who was determined to go out there and fight, tooth and nail, to defeat Goliath.  I know that miracles can be done because I have seen a lot of them happening.

If it happens as the world predicts, and you arrive almost dead into the land promised, don’t worry! Your children or children’s children will enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Let the body of the late Kasiwukira rest in good peace. I admired him a lot especially when he was still among the men behind the popularity of Express F.C. He and Kirumira taught me two lessons I will never forget.  One I will tell.

I learnt that to give had to be a leading act before one gets there. The two men loved the players of Express F.C and treated them as if they were their biological sons.  Under the palm tree, at Wankuluku, Kirumira would ask Mubiru or Mukasa, “What do you want Hassan?” “Fimbo, how are you feeling?”

The two boys would receive what they wanted there and then, under the orders of the two tycoons. I didn’t wonder when Kirumira sobbed when his closest friend, Kasiwukira, left him on earth alone, to be misunderstood alone.

Life changes the day you choose to step out wanting to move forward.  Mine changed the day I decided to close my ears against all the words of negative people. A gray haired lecturer once pointed a finger at me and cleared his throat and then threw stinking comments at me! That man was so unprofessional!

Looking back, I have faced so many hardships and heart breaking struggles but I thank the almighty who allowed me to escape the rough waters and on the shores, I see myself standing.

Great rivers I have crossed, and oceans, full of crocodiles. I might be away from the great waters but the world calls upon me every now and then. I obey whenever that happens because I know that the struggle is my life. But, who said it couldn’t be done?! Who said?

To be great is to be misunderstood. The other day I stood at the balcony and asked myself why the Libyan people collaborated with the white man to butcher the man who, it was said, was behind all the prosperity that Libya enjoyed during those days.

Gadaffi ruled for almost 43 years! It annoyed the energetic men in the North African country and they turned against him. “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it’s ripe. You have to make it fall!”

You can transform your life and that of others. Choose now! The right way is here, up and here. Use it now, and the Promised Land will be your home!  “It cannot be done!” Who says?

Sekka Tireless-WorriersBagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.

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