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Parents cannot freely talk about sex to young ones

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Parents cannot freely talk about sex to young ones

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Teens like these ones need parental guidance about sex

Teens like these ones need parental guidance about sex

Someone said that parenting is a full time job; indeed it is. Parenting is one of the most challenging, popular wisdom and misconceptions about how to raise responsible kids can lead to ineffective communication and power struggles.  Before you get kids, you have five theories on how to raise kids and by the time you have five children you no longer have any of the theories.

The biggest mistake is that some parents use authoritarian parenting strategies that do not allow the child an independent voice or sense of efficacy. Other parents overcompensate with overly permissive parenting that doesn’t teach kids about limits and self-control.

The best type of parenting is fair, flexible, respectful, and has learning, rather than submission as its goal. Hearing and respecting feelings, allowing choice, yet setting fair and clear limits on unacceptable behavior is the healthy balance that we should all strive for.

There are parents who use guilt and shame to get compliance. One of the biggest lessons we must learn as parent is that young kids don’t naturally have empathy and consideration for your needs. They develop empathy slowly as they mature, by experiencing your empathy for them.

That’s why the expectation that young kids walk in your shoes and see things from your point of view may not be reasonable. The failure to do so does not mean they are a bad or uncaring kid; they should not be a shamed or be made guilty.

Everyone agrees that parents should be open and frank when they talk to their children about sex, but no one is willing to tell parents how. After centuries of silence and secrecy, parents today are suddenly asked to “liberate” themselves. How can this transformation be started?

First of all parents don’t have the temerity to talk about sex to their children .It is this fault that paves way for teenagers to get pregnant.

Parents should be clear about their own sexual values and attitudes. Communicating with your children about sex, love, and relationships is often more successful when you are clear in your own mind about these issues. To help clarify your own attitudes and values, you must have them first and you must  be ready to live they them

Young people have lots of questions about sex, love, and relationships. And they often say that the source they would most like to go for answers is their parents.

Start the conversation, and make sure that it is honest, open, and respectful. If you can’t think of how to start the discussion consider using situations shown on TV or in the movies as conversation starters. Tell teens candidly and confidently what you think and why?

There is an African proverb that goes: ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’, but we all know that education first begins at home. So if our parents don’t teach us about sex.



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