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Sex is not a matter of life and death

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Sex is not a matter of life and death


The Japanese have taken the sex subject too seriously

The Japanese have taken the sex subject too seriously

pan is one of the most developed countries in the world but two stories in the media the past few weeks have made me think that indeed, sex is so much overrated. The first story was about Japan having 30% of her population who are over 30 years still virgins; the second story was still in Japan; the premier of this industrious nation was encouraging the population to have more sex so as to produce more citizens for the country.

For that reason, contrary to that, sex is supposed to be something that is natural and fun, it’s no wonder that it is even referred to as “playing sex”!

So a picture that showed some Japanese in a classroom was misguided, I say this because, sex is supposed to be many things but being classroom oriented, is not one of them!

Sex can be self taught

Sex being an inborn trait, can easily be self taught  this is because every one of us is tuned to like it naturally then we  individually add  our own vary of spices and bring in the different tastes. This is despite the fact that every individual is tailor made to enjoy sex differently, and the good thing is that a couple can in fact form their own sex signature (taste and preference).

So anyone  can actually improve their inborn knowledge by  reading sex literature (like this one) watch  sexy movies, following what your body is telling you is pleasuring and lastly having lots of sex, this will  eventually lead to hitting  the jackpot!

Sex is both physical and emotional

There are many things about good sex sessions, and the actual sexual act is just in the midst of all these things. First and foremost is foreplay, and after play. All of these things have one thing in common; they are all physical acts, i.e romance!

But still there is something that is equally important if not more important, and that is the emotional wellbeing, for ladies especially, they need to know that they are loved and appreciated for them to enjoy sex and reach an orgasm! The challenge is in balancing the two, if you can do that, then the rest comes out naturally!

Adventurous and creativity

Doing the same thing every day will make boredom creep into your sex life, and this is one of the biggest enemies of sex. One must be constantly adventurous and creative to keep the flames burning especially if you are in along term relationship. So please experiment with new positions and activities. Fantasy acting and role playing can always save you from boredom.

Be sensual

Ladies are affected more by the set up than the men; this is because a woman will never achieve sexual satisfaction if she is not feeling comfortable. As couples, make sure that you create an environment for lovemaking that appeals to all of your five senses.

Use this heightened sensual awareness when making love to your partner. Create an atmosphere of care and tenderness; touch and kiss is often recommended.

Do not rush

We all know that sex does not come with a manual, but one thing that I know as a mistake is rushing into sex. Sex is something that needs time and rushing always kills the thrill and experience. The go-slow approach is recommended when you are still learning about each other, patience is key in mastering about yourself and your partner.

Lastly but not least, honesty must always crown any sex act. Things like faking an orgasm will lead you to living a very miserable sex life, it’s important that,  you as a couple make a vow that you will always be honest in your sex life otherwise this will make you mislead your partner and this guilt might affect not only your sex life but your relationship in general.



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