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Kyabazinga to evict Steel Rolling Mills over expired lease


Kyabazinga to evict Steel Rolling Mills over expired lease

Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope

Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope

Steel Rolling Mills Ltd, one of the most iconic industries in Jinja town is facing serious trouble for allegedly refusing to honour their rental obligations for the 900 acres land they’ve occupied for over fifty years.

Busoga Kingdom officials told this reporter that the steel producing company has flouted the lease terms when it failed to renew its lease since 2007.

The Kingdom Spokesperson Andrew Ntange says that the kingdom legal team led by Robert Kafuko Ntuuyo and Moses Baliddawa, and the Kingdom Attorney General has already written to Steel Rolling Mills about the Kingdom’s intention to reclaim its 900 acres held under the lease.

He said: “They have flouted payment of royalties of eight million annually to the kingdom and also failed to renew the contract since 2007 leading to accumulation of a huge debt.”

According to Ntange, the kingdom resolved to have this land repossessed by November 1, 2015. He said they have recorded great success with the Uganda Prisons Services.

“I applaud Uganda prisons for the immediate response when the kingdom wrote to them about repossession of its 100 acres at Bufulubi prisons and handed it immediately. The land is due for investment as we shall soon inform you.” he added.

Ntange advised tenants living or working on Kyabazinga property including land, buildings, stadium and market to renew their contracts with the institution before they get humiliated.

Ntange told journalists that Kyabazinga William Nadiope will return to Uganda on December 2, 2015 after graduating with a Masters Degree in Economics of Coventry University in the UK.

“The kingdom shall then hold a mega welcome back party that will be characterized by a number of activities including music shows, wrestling, cultural exhibitions, music, dance and drama among others,” he noted.

However, a credible source familiar with the affairs of the Kingdom intimated to our reporter that the Kyabazinga will be in the country a day or two before the pope’s visit to Uganda.



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