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Kyalya’s husband won’t vote


Kyalya’s husband won’t vote

the husband to the single female candidate in the presidential race Maureen Faith Kyalya Waluube has called upon Ugandans to turn up in big numbers and voter for his wife on Thursday 18th February.

Mr Waluube who works in United Kingdom broke his silence on face book saying that he is not a great fun of face book nor politically active by nature though he occasionally comments here and there.

He however indicated that he will personally miss voting though he is certain that Ugandans are overwhelmingly supporting Mrs Waluube.

Mrs Waluube will be casting her ballot at Rubaga cathedral at 10am.

Here is Waluube’s Facebook post

4 hrs • London, United Kingdom •

Thanks to you all my dear good friends and family that have flooded my inbox over the 2016 presidential campaigns, most notably after Saturday’s debate informing me of the local support you have solicited

and indeed continue to do individually to support the one and only woman in this historical presidential race MFKW (Maureen Faith Kyalya Waluube).

Many of you know that am no great fun of FB nor am I politically active by nature, therefore more often than not and on many occasions I try to remain way silent on these matters with probably a few

occasional comments here and there.

The division of family responsibilities in modern day society does mean that, both of us couldn’t be together during such times as we’ve got school age going children and homes to maintain during this period and after18th Feb.

I won’t be there to cast my vote for my wife on the 18th February but have certainly been reassured of your support to vote Maureen Kyalya Waluube.

I’d like to thank you all in advance for that assured support, remember that each and every vote counts and the more even the better towards that goal.

Thank you once again for doing the needful silently or openly, and to those of you that even dipped into your pockets to donate whatever little thank you very much, and to those that will actually vote a

much bigger thanks.

The biggest thanks however goes to a true gallant friend of mine Rex Yeeke, who is departing his work place in Mombasa today heading home to specifically cast his one vote in favour of Maureen. Sir, thank you very much indeed, a safe trip home and return to duty.

By all means silence isn’t a sign of non- acknowledgement but a personal preference to have one of us safe at a distance during such trying times. Therefore thank you very much for your support and that

vote come the 18th Feb 2016, irrespective of your current or previous political party affiliations.



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