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Rwenzururu king sacks his premier


Rwenzururu king sacks his premier

Omusinga of Rwenzururu Charles Mumbere

Omusinga of Rwenzururu Charles Mumbere

The King (Omusinga) of Rwenzururu Kingdom Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-ngoma has sacked his Prime minister Noah Nzaghale for failure to perform his duties.

Mumbere said: “This follows the order I made on 11th stopping the prime minister on ground that he had not been performing the kingdom duties accordingly, I call upon all the institution stakeholders, local and central government that he is no-longer serving” King Irema-ngoma said.

Briefing the Press on Sunday February 14, at Buhikira Royal palace, in Kasese town, Kasese district Irema-ngoma said he had appointed the Deputy Prime Ministers  Yeremiya Mutoro as acting Prime Minister.

“However, the minister of general duties from the office of the premier Hon. Kitsumbire Thembo can partake the roles of deputy minister, when there is need” he added.

Since the recognition of the institution on October 19, 2009, six premiers have been dismissed; they include Constantine Bwambale who was the first to serve, followed by Loice Biira Bwambale

the former MP for Kasese district, Henry Kandabu, Ivan Syaghuswa, Enock Muhindo who by then acted when the just dismissed was on court trial over the July 5th attack and right honorable Noah Nzaghale respectively.

Rwenzururu was established in the 1962 following a secessionist movement by the Bakonjo people in the mountainous region of western Uganda. The revolt was led by Mumbere’s father, Isaya Mukirane, who was recognized as the region’s king.

In 1982 during Obote’s government, Omusinga was invited by Saadi’s family in Bwera, the then District Commissioner Matte Blasio, and Amon Bazira who was saving the government as assistant minister of land with aim to unit Rwenzururu movement with the Uganda government for harmony.

Mumbere Charles wisely Irema-ngoma inherited the throne at age 13, and assumed the position of king at age 18. When he was 30, he made an agreement with the government of Uganda by which the government sent him to the United States for education. In 1984, at age 30, he enrolled in business school, but his government stipend was cut off.

He obtained political asylum in the United States in 1987, received nurse’s aide training, and began working in a nursing home near Washington, D.C. He later moved to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he continued as a nursing aide.

He kept his royal title secret during most of his 25 years in the United States. In July, 2009 Mumbere mentioned his kingship in an interview with The Patriot-News, the primary newspaper of Harrisburg, and said that he was considering returning to Uganda, which had recently recognized Rwenzururu and designated Mumbere as Omusinga, or king.

In October 2009, Mumbere returned to his homeland, where he was crowned on October 19. His authority is limited to social and cultural matters.



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