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Youth Election Loser Nakabaale Sued Over Campaign Funds He Used


Youth Election Loser Nakabaale Sued Over Campaign Funds He Used

Nakabaale's predicament

Nakabaale’s predicament

It is double jeopardy for Youth MP Patrick Nakabale. After losing his re-election bid, he has been sued again for failure to pay back a total of UShs143m he borrowed for campaigns.

Nakabaale lost to fellow NRM colleague, a former youth councilor in Mukono district. It was a sweet revenge for Sarah since she had lost to Nakabaale in the 2011 youth elections.

Nakabaale has been dragged to the commercial section of the High Court by Yako Microfinance located on Raja Chambers along Parliamentary Avenue.

Case papers filed by Magellan Kazibwe and company advocates have it that Nakabaale took UShs99m from the lender between October 11 and October 28 last year.

The attendant agreement between the borrower and the lender indicates that the loan came with a 8% interest payable on monthly installments.

The lender exhibits a handwritten letter by Nakabaale pleading to be availed with the funds.

It reads: I hereby apply for a short loan of 100m. If I fail to pay your dues, I authorize you to sell my property by private treaty and without recourse to courts of law. The property belongs to me. The money is required for election work”.

The application letter bears the signature of Nakabaale. It is dated October 11, 2015. Though it does not give the particulars of the property the MP was pledging to the lender, it is believed it was his home since he indicates that he has a residence at Komamboga in Kanyanya.

While the MP has always promised to payback, all his promises have turned out to be hot air, the financial institution moans.

Since the MP breached the agreement to pay back, the lender argues that he should besides paying the money due, be made to pay general damages.

The court sent out summons to Nakabaale on March 16 giving him 15 days to respond to the charges. Should he fail to do, the case will be decided without his side of the story.

The file has been allocated to Justice David Wangutusi.





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