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Bobi, Haruna fight for ‘Toka kwa barabara’ composer

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Bobi, Haruna fight for ‘Toka kwa barabara’ composer

Bobi Wine fighting for Daudi Mulwana

Bobi Wine fighting for Daudi Mulwana

A silent war is on between the Ghetto President Bobi Wine and the boss of Kream productions band, Hajj Haruna Mubiru over the composer of the famous Toka kwa barabara song, used by former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Dan Mulwana rose to fame after he composed Toka kwa barabara, Besigye anayingiya (Give way, Besigye is coming) during the 2011 campaigns. The song however became a major hit in the just ended campaigns and was officially used by FDC as Besigye’s theme song. Bobi and Haruna are now trying to sign Mulwana to join their camps in the hope that he will pull crowds.

Besigye is one of the seven candidates who vied and lost to the incumbent president, Yoweri Museveni.

Mulwana is known to have bagged Ushs 30m for his creations but that appears to be a mere token compared to the popularity he has earned from the campaign.

The dispute between the two music gurus came to the fore towards the Easter celebrations after Haruna Mubiru rushed to the studios of one of the local FM radios to emphasize how Mulwana is ‘signed’ to his singing group (Kream productions band).

Bobi had run commercials announcing Mulwana among the artists who would join him to entertain revelers over Easter, at Lido Beach and later at his One Love Beach at Busabaala.

“Dan Mulwana is still signed to me,” Mubiru insisted during what appeared to be a radio program stage-managed by the Kream productions’ boss.

The singing Hajj went on to insist how Mulwana would be singing with him over the Easter festival.

Bobi wine is one of the artists who snubbed singing for President Museveni under the Tubonga nawe campaign. And while his arch rivals including Bebe Cool, Chameleon and others bagged millions on the campaign trail, Bobi Wine was in studio putting together an ‘anti-NRM’ song titled Situka which hit the airwaves just in time before the presidential campaigns drew to the end. Bobi also paid a highly publicized visit to Col. Besigye at his home in Kasangati where he strummed the guitar and sung Situka to the excitement of Dr. Besigye.

From the look of things, Bobi appears to have an upper hand over Mubiru in their war to sign Mulwana for many reasons. The first is that Bobi and Mulwana belong to the same ideological camp than Haruna Mubiru. Secondly, the general public has not come over their unjustified emotional hatred for the Tubonga nawe crew to which Mubiru belongs.



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