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Reverend blames credit woes of the rich on their meanness to God


Reverend blames credit woes of the rich on their meanness to God

Archbishop Stanley-Ntagali

Archbishop Stanley-Ntagali head of the Anglican Church

As the country continues to debate a request by some of Uganda’s business moguls for financial assistance by tax payers towards solving their credit woes, a senior clergy from the Anglican Church has come out to castigate it as subversive and unwarranted.

Rev. Canon Samuel Wasswa, Development and Restructuring in Mukono Diocese describes it as absurd and a major betrayal of the general public for the government to spend colossal sums of money on sustaining un-Godly rich people.

Canon Wasswa said: “Most of these businessmen are in that  catastrophe because they are

mean to God and in return, he has also blocked their blessings thereby becoming bankrupt but if they merely change their attitude towards God, the story will change for better.”

Canon Wasswa made the comments last Sunday While presiding as Guest Preacher at St. James Church, in Jinja town. Wasswa said: “I personally condemn the whole idea of bailing out a

few rich people yet the health, education, roads and other public sectors are rotting.”

The Cannon wondered whether Ugandans would get an interest onto the money given to businessmen in the name of bailing them out.

Focusing his sermon on the theme: “Using the available opportunities, gifts and resources to the service of the Lord’, the man of God who urged Christians to always make a clear mapping and feasibility study of whatever they engage in wondered why Jinja has now turned into an industrial grave.

“This town Jinja was the second largest in Uganda and was an industrial hub, wherever the industries went, who sold them and the proceeds from their sale, time will catch up with them,” he noted.

Time is now for churches to go digital

Canon Wasswa who is famous for restructuring and reviving the Anglican Church in Mukono Diocese challenged the clergy to always change with change lest Christians shall keep flocking to other mushrooming churches with modern bang and boom.

“Today Christians no-longer carry bibles because they have them on their smart phones, therefore discouraging Christians from carrying phones to church would limit many, its only ideal for the preacher to also think of accessing a tab or a smart phone and just advise the congregations to observe respect for God and use their gadgets for the right purpose,” he added.



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