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Kabafunzaki problems multiply


Kabafunzaki problems multiply

Embattled minister Herbert Kabafunzaki problems double

Embattled minister Herbert Kabafunzaki problems double

The Secretary General of the National Organization of Trade Unions (NOTU) Peter Christopher Werikhe has described embattled Labour state minister Herbert Kabafunzaki as a threat to employers after he allegedly conned two top investors Roofings and Tian Tang group of companies.

Werikhe said they had received complaints from officials of the two companies about how the suspended minister had disguised as an advocate of the employers but instead ended up extorting money from the two companies.

“The minister is a threat to the employers. It is so sad that he went on to reduce himself to a labour supervisor while defrauding business owners. Let him go and rare ducks we shall not tolerate him.

Werikhe said accusations of corruption that were brought against the embattled minister are only a few of the many cases in which he has been engaging himself in petty ‘thieving’ from workers as well as employers. Werikhe vowed that as NOTU they are prepared to do anything including demonstrating in the streets of Kampala is he is re-instated in the same docket of labour.

The trade union representatives also warned that plans are in place to organize a demonstration if government dares to re-instate Minister Kabafunzaki in Office.

Werikhe issued the warnings during an Annual Employers General Assembly held at the Federation of Uganda Employers association (FUE) at Kiwanga in Mukono district.

The minister was arrested smetime ago after he was allegedly caught red-handed trying to obtain money from AYA executives to purportedly held them overcome sexual abuse accusations that had been brought against one of them.

Kabafunzaki is out on court bail after he deposited Ushs5m, his diplomatic passport and land tittle to the court as a condition for the bail.

Last week, two other media reports implicated Kabafunzaki of at

tempting to extort money from a South Korean businessman. It is alleged that the deputy head of mission at the Embassy of South Korea complained that Kabafunzaki had threatened to arrest Woo Junghoon, a South Korean national, if he failed to part with Ushs5000 dollars. The South Korean was indeed arrested at Kampala Metropolitan Police headquarters.

It is also said that Kabafunzaki ordered police officers not to release Junghoon until the said bribe had been paid.

The embassy in a letter copied to the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura say the behaviour of the junior minister was wanting and should be investigated.

The underfire minister is also accused by up to 92 youth from his own constituency who accused him of failing to secure them jobs in Arab countries even though they had given him money. export deal that he allegedly engineered while still in cabinet.

The youth told one daily newspaper that Kabafunzaki, working with his political assistant in charge of Muhanga town council, Allen Kabasi Kyirasha, collected Ushs600,000 from each of them with the promise to get them jobs.




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