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Ambassador Kezaala praises Land Probe Commission


Ambassador Kezaala praises Land Probe Commission

Kezaala Praises Land Probe Commission

Kezaala Praises Land Probe Commission

Uganda’s Ambassador in-Charge of General Duties, has commended the Bamugemereire Land Probe Commission for unearthing the filthiness in land dealings.

“There are many things in Uganda that have been messed up and need a thorough clean up if sanity is to be restored in Uganda; corruption also needs an iron hand, pharm ” Kezaala, a former two-time.Jinja Municipality mayor, said as he expressed his readiness to appear before the commissioners and give his side of the coin about the land bonanza in Jinja.

“I am a key stakeholder. If I am found to have possessed anything illegally, I will apologize and return it because it’s no crime for a politician or public servant to possess materials as longer as they are obtained through the normal and right procedures” he noted in an interview with this reporter.

The Land Probe Commission held its meetings at the Civil Service College in Jinja last week where several officials and businessmen were quizzed and admitted to irregularities in land. These included: the Senior Assistant Town Clerk, Jinja Central Division, Abubaker  Kirunda; the former District Land board Chairman, Alexander Waibale.Walukuba;  District Division Councilor, Richard Mbazira; and, businessman, Yahaya Kisakye, among others.

However, like Kezaala, the Jinja Central Division Chairman, Mubarak Kirunda, said that” only small fish have been hooked leaving the major culprits scot-free..

Kirunda says there are bigger land grabbers who were not interrogated. He cited a Member of Parliament, who has allegedly fraudulently acquiring land belonging to Kirinya Prisons for a personal project. “The commission is good but should desist from being a kangaroo court that has powers to interrogate and also deter those being interrogated.  This will instead scare away officials who would feed them with the relevant information,” Kirunda added.



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