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Arrested taxi drivers are bodaboda cyclists: Police


Arrested taxi drivers are bodaboda cyclists: Police

Next time you sit in a taxi just pray that the man on the wheel is not this boda boda cyclist

Taxi Drivers Now Cyclist

Taxi Drivers Now Cyclist

Masaka Highway has of late been hit by a spate of motor accidents involving taxis. The latest figures indicate that more than 37 people have died on that road alone. The public has been concerned and troubled why the Traffic Police has not curbed the carnage.

Now, the Police have come up with an explanation. Many of those accidents are because the taxi drivers are just bobaboda riders. The Traffic Police has in the last three days arrested ten taxi drivers on the Masaka Road with permits of the bodaboda class.

The Katonga Region Police Spokesperson, Philip Mukasa, said that some of the drivers had fake driving permits, while others were driving un-licensed taxis.”We have embarked on Operation Fika Salama Re-loaded. Drivers have been arrested for using wrong classes of driving permits; some of them have driving permits whose class is bodaboda, and others faked driving permits.”

The Katonga Region Traffic Director, Jackline Chelimo, said that most of the drivers are now trying to improve their driving standards, but the main problem remains over-speeding and reckless driving. “We are going to carry on this operation on every highway in Uganda, and we will be tough,” she added.

This follows Police operation, Fika Salama, along major highways, where reports had shown an increasing rate of accidents. According to the Traffic Police Director, Steven Kasiima, most of the accidents on the Masaka Road are of human mistakes.

He called upon the public to be vigilant on who drives them. “Police can do its part, but the public must also help the Traffic Police by speaking out. Don’t just trust anybody who sits on the steering; that is why the Speak-out Campaign is here to help,” he said.



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