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Museveni behind move to lift age limits, says Mao


Museveni behind move to lift age limits, says Mao

DP President Norbert Mao

DP President Norbert Mao

The President General of the Democratic Party (DP), has asked President Yoweri Museveni to stop denying his involvement in the shifting of age limits.

“President Museveni is behind this, but he is like a snake in the green grass; but we know the colour of grass, we are now seeing you,’’ he said. “Museveni is concerned about this because he is the beneficiary. Ugandans should know that though he is denying, he is behind the National Resistance Movement Members of Parliament, who are in favour of this; so this means he is behind these MP’s,” he added.

Mao said this while addressing Journalists at the party headquarters on Tuesday following allegations from Museveni is not involved in the recent Bill introduced in Parliament to change the Constitution to shift the age limits beyond 75 years for presidential candidates.

He stated that in 1996, Museveni requested to be voted in so as to test the new Constitution which he had just introduced. In 2006, he said that Ugandans should vote him back to power so as to perfect the multi-party system which he had introduced, and it is now 10 years while he is still in power.

Mao further said, “Article 2 says that the Constitution shall be defended by any means necessary. This gives a chance to all patriotic Ugandans to oppose Museveni`s selfish desires which DP does not support.

Uganda should experience a change in political leadership without bloodshed like it has always been. He added that even the Minister of Justice, responsible of setting up a constitutional review to amend the Bill and appointing Constitutional members of the review Committee, is appointed by Museveni. So there is no way he is not involved.

Mao stated that DP is going to fight this through three major campaigns. First, through the media, public meetings and gatherings and gathering people`s signatures in every district to petition their MPs urging them to vote against the change in constitution. He recognized the role the Uganda Young Democrats in making their voices heard on shifting of age limits.

Commenting on the chaos Kampala Mayor, Erias Lukwago, caused during Ssebaana`s funeral, Mao urged him to stop blaming innocent people. “I refuse Lukwago`s blaming me in which he was refused to attend the vigil at Kansanga.” Mao added that Lukwago had refused his entourage and body guards to be checked by the funeral officers at the vigil as he had come late which showed his total disrespect.

Mao also blamed the press for not getting to the root cause of the problem.

However, Mao thanked the burial committee headed by Medard Sseggona, for the good work done during the funeral and burial of the late Ssebaana Kizito. He also thanked the kingdom of Buganda, Statewide Insurance Company, the Church of Uganda at Namirembe and all the well-wishers.



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