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Mao invites Anite to join DP!


Mao invites Anite to join DP!

Privatisation and Investment Minister Evelyn Anite

By Vicent Nathan Lusambya and Muhamadi Byemboijana

The DP bloc through their President General Hon. Norbert Mao has has urged the state minister for investment and privatization Honorable Evelyn Anite to resign

This follows claims she made during a press conference that was held at her offices in Kampala on Monday that mafias intend to assassinate and get her out of the picture

Mao while addressing a weekly Press conference held at the Democratic Party headquarters advised Anite to resign since she’s not a soldier and part of the bush league hence no one can stop her

“Resign and join DP because crying and lamenting won’t stop the so called Mafias from hunting you, I see you are not part of the “Bush league” you can come and Join us” said Mao.

Mao added “it is only the real people of the bush league that won’t lament, the likes of Honorable Bukenya, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga have been lamenting because they do not belong to the bush league Late ASP Muhammad Kirumira went on and notified the public but still wasn’t spared”

The DP’s President General boasted of how they (DP) have been speaking about the mafias and state capture and fortunately the truth has arrived at the door step of Anite.

Furthermore, Mao said mafias are never interested in working for the people but rather in gaining their personal interests as they are not focused, for example, on building better infrastructures but instead on how they can personally benefit from the infrastructure and their interests are in the deals

“All these infrastructures are not in the interest of Ugandans, the Roads, the new Nile bridge that is always on renovation and the Lubowa land hospital Project among others are all constructed in the  interest of the alleged mafias, because these are not pro-people projects but mafia projects” said Mao.

However Mao warned the Mafias that they will not be able to kill everybody as Uganda belongs to all the people.



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