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Mafias Want my Blood-Anite


Mafias Want my Blood-Anite


Privatisation and Investment Minister Evelyn Anite

The Minister of State for Privatization and Investment Evelyn Anite has said there is an ongoing plan by mafia’s to kill her.

During a press conference on Monday at the Ministry of Finance headquarters in Kampala, Anite said there is a plan to kill and take her out of the picture  by Mafia’s who were against the auditing of Uganda Telecom Limited

“The Mafia’s have held meetings in Kampala and are trailing and tracking my conversations, they want me out of the picture”. Said Anite

Anite added “I will die talking and shouting I know they’re soon coming, these people are not jokers ask Abiriga and I can assure you I will not stop the fight to save UTL

The minister added that there is a country wide vandal of UTL equipments according to a report by Internal Security Organization (ISO). However the mafias want to distort the audit report.

Recently the High Court in Kampala ordered for an audit into Uganda Telecom within 30days, which started last week on Thursday 15th August

In response to the request by whistleblowers to the IGG to carry out investigations onto her Mauritius bribe allegations,  Anite said she is to write to the IGG asking her to investigate her and that the only time she was away was when she went to the United States for her Studies.



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