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Youths on run over LGBT Links


Youths on run over LGBT Links

LGBT's celebrate

LGBT Parade in Zambia Courtesy/Photo

Kampala. Unconfirmed reports indicate that two youths in Busega-Kibumbiro Village, a Kampala suburbs are on run after surviving an angry mob that accused them for being gay relationships.

The two identified as Ivan Kalungi Bakaluba and John Jukko Bakaluba of Busega – Kibumbiro were nearly lynched by unknown people who claimed that the two were also recruiting young people in gay related activities.

“They found them at home and they suddenly started beating them up, one of the men who was holding a hammer was chanting gay, gay! But they managed to escape,” 31 year- old Elizabeth Nambi a shop attendant in the area explained.

This paper ascertains that the two are siblings who have been getting threats from several persons accusing them of being gay.

However,  a source that prefers anynomity indicated to our reporter that the two are being framed by their uncle Musa Kalunji who wanted to grab their family land and steal other properties.

“Their uncle is the one framing them because he wants to grab their family Land in Ggomba district and other properties in Busega-Kibumbiro. Those close to the family say that it was even this uncle who was responsible for poisoning their family that claimed the lives of their mother and brother known as Edward Kabuye,” She revealed.

The source further revelaed to this paper that it was still Kalunji who framed the brothers of being gay and calling upon villagers to attack them and destroy their house. This whole situation also led to the death of their father John JembaBakaluba a few months after.

The two, whose whereabouts are unknown, comes on the heels of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 that was passed by parliament of Uganda. Apparently there has been a cold war on Gay people in Uganda whose plight needs to be addressed.




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