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Muslim World League supports Qatar economic blockade


Muslim World League supports Qatar economic blockade

Secretary General of the MWL Dr. Dr. Mohamad Alissa

Secretary General of the MWL Dr. Dr. Mohamad Alissa

The Muslim World League, a statement has indicated.

The MWL said in the statement  that: “Cutting ties with Qatar came in conformity with the Sharia, legitimacy and Logic due to her unbecoming practices.”

“The measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and her Sister states aim at finding necessary guarantees to safeguard her peace and security. Nutrients of terror was void until it found conducive and supportive sanctuary in Doha.”

Islamic and Human values together with international norm reject  the interfering in internal affairs of other states leave alone destabilizing their peace and security.

Saudi Arabia together with Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced a set of 13 demands they wanted Qatar to fulfill if they were to lift the blockade. Among the demands was one requiring the arab state to close its International news channel Aljazeera, cut all ties with Iran and denounce and detail leaders of terrorist groups.

The MWL says that the measures conform with the tenets of Sharia international law and logic due to Qatari un becoming practices aiming at destabilizing peace and security of other Nations through giving sanctuary and backing to terrorist organizations followed by interfering and affecting the unity and tranquility of the citizens.

“Whoever is informed understands that the countries that severed ties with Qatar have always been keen in observing good neighborliness brotherhood and friendship thus haven’t resorted to this decision except under duress to safeguard themselves from the danger of extremism and terrorism.

However, Turkey has refused to be bandied together with the Saudi led group. This week its President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an termed the list of 13 demands issued by the group as totally unacceptable



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