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Nebbi, Pakwach petition Kadaga over district’s meagre budget


Nebbi, Pakwach petition Kadaga over district’s meagre budget

Kadaga Petitioned Over District Meagre Budget

Kadaga Petitioned Over District Meagre Budget

The member of Parliament for Padyere county Joshua Anywarach has called for a boost in raise in the budget for his district.

According to the budget estimates, road repairs, water and sanitation etc.

The allocation has also forced the interim chairperson of Pakwach district to write to government complaining about the meagre budget.

He revealed that, members of Parliament for both Nebbi and Pakwach District have asked Government through the Speaker to provide supplementary budget that would be brought forward by the newly created districts.

He said the additional budget will support wage bill gap and other unforeseen and unavoidable expenses.

How ever,

The MP for Pakwach district Emmy Ongiertho has warned religious leaders to keep off politics.

Ongiertho said religious leaders should concentrate their efforts on instilling moral values in society but not to cross into politics.

He cited instances were a Catechist of Pamitu Parish in Pakwach sub-county, got into trouble with the youth leaders who hauled insults at him after he engaged himself in politics.

Ongiertho was speaking to journalists recently after the elections of the interim chairperson for Pakwach district at Kapita.




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