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Interpol warns Ugandans on using middlemen


Interpol warns Ugandans on using middlemen

Head of Interpol AIGP Fred Yiga

Head of Interpol AIGP Fred Yiga

The Head of Interpol, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Fredrick Yiga, has cautioned Ugandans to stop the habit of using middlemen in everything they do. “Why are we too lazy to the extent that we cannot afford pursuing the things we want by ourselves?” he asked. “This is your country, and Interpol is there for you Ugandans, and we are ready to help whoever comes to us, but don’t allow to be coned,” he added.

Yiga has come out to speak on this following the revealed rackets of car thieves who steal cars with in Uganda and sell them in other East African member countries of; Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan. He said that a car is stolen at Nkrumah Street, and within a few hours it is in another country meaning that there were many players involved.

He encouraged those who are set to buy cars from the bonds to come first and inquire from the Interpol database. “Before you pay your money in the bond to buy a car, please first visit us with the details of that car that you want to buy; such as the chassis number.

In few seconds, we shall be able to tell you whether the car is stolen or it is free. This costs just UGX 55,000, which is a small amount of money compared to the millions of shillings you are bound to lose in case you buy a stolen car.”

He assured that Interpol has the mandate to endorse any car, no matter which locations.

He also cautioned Ugandan going for work in Arab and other countries to first come and confirm with Interpol whether the companies that are taking them are registered with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. “I call upon my little sisters and brothers going outside Uganda purposely to work, to first come to us and confirm whether the labour organization taking them is registered and has no bad records. But people always use middlemen and at the end they start calling us to help them after messing up everything,” he advised.

He added, “Come and we help you when you are still on your own land other than crying out for help in a foreign land which at times may fail due to protocols to be followed.” This has come after a lot people using middlemen to get them certificate of conduct spending a lot of money. “Most people spend a lot of money pursuing certificate of good conduct and they keep saying we ask a lot of money but this is small money; and this is Government, not our money and paid in the bank. We need only bank receipts,” Yiga said.



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